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Lenovo Yoga 730 – Test

The Lenovo Yoga 730 box is trying to create a complete mobile and entertainment experience. Is it right to believe in the dark on this computer?

Lenovo Yoga 730 is the most ambitious response from the popular MacBooks produced by Apple from the Chinese manufacturer at first glance. JBL Audio System with support for gorgeous and at the same time with lightweight aluminum housing, screen with small frames and support for Dolby Atom's technology. For all this, the ability to "re-employ" Yogi 730 on eighth-generation Intel processors and a handheld tablet. Could this be something wrong with this setting? Unfortunately, most of the benefits of these tools are covered by a small dump that is seriously troubled and frustrating, which is felt in everyday use.

The Larno Yoga 730 ultrabook fits almost perfectly with trendy trends available on the market. Minimalistic, simple laptop design is not the only thing that this device draws your attention. The consistent hardware design is based on solid hing which gives you a 180 degree display on the screen. To bring this to the top, you can add up to 90% padded, comfortable and well-laid keyboards that are more pitch than the case in these notebooks. Lenovo is best known for making great mobile keyboards (also in the ThinkPad Series) and this time the manufacturer is not disappointed.

The full Yoga 730 model includes a large size trackpad and a "button" located on the right, which is nothing more than a fingerprint reader that lets you protect Windows 10 from unwanted access. Small and useful work, which made it easy to work with my computer and logged on my private profile on yoga 730 – you can not convince the reader's pace. Yes, there are occasional bugs, but the whole thing works quickly and without any problems.

The Lenovo Yoga 730 housing slump is a bit sloppy. The tools give the impression of a real "premium" product, but in the end we can pay for this unpredictable price. As long as the laptop was not easily trapped in a dedicated pocket in my backpack, I had a little more careful by moving it at home or elsewhere. It is very possible that the structure of the constitution does not just want to work with my hand in terms of hold.

Lenovo Yoga 730 is a successful, thoughtful design with almost perfect fit. Sadly, this is a big drawback in the beauty of "on paper".

It is … the number of ports and connectors. On the left side of the Yoga 730, the Creator placed two USB connectors with Type S of Thunderbolts (for connection and charging) and audio socket, and on the right is a full-size USB 3.0 connector and a button to turn on and off devices. It … is really a bad joke. I do not think any manufacturers in 2018 will take an example from Apple, cut their computer with the most important tasks.

This is my biggest complaint to Yoga 730. I understand compact and thin casing, but … is not an HDMI connector and a USB 3.0? It's not serious. In some cases, I had to work a hard way to make the peripherals comfortable using these notebooks. Unfortunately, buying hubs or other types of adapters is compulsory.

The model Yoga 730, which is available on my desk, has a 13.3-inch screen full of 1080p pixels at full HD 1920 resolution. However, the device can also be purchased in a version of 4.6 or 15.6-inch screen with resolution.

The so-called ultrabook maker decided to use glossy metrics, which was a requirement – mainly because the user can work on it using his hands and dedicated Lenovo an active pen. The last thing in the specified accessories is because it easily recognizes the level 4096 and uses the Windows Ink Function. Personally, I do not have a big need to use this gadget on a daily basis, but people who make notes or who decide to treat yoga 730 as a dedicated graphics tablet will certainly be happy. It's a nice addition.

When the top of the frame and Lenovo Yoga 730 screen located on the side is really small, then draws attention immediately at the bottom. However, it offers easy access to computers in tablet mode and you should consider it as hardware efficiency, no disadvantages. I'm sure he can use it.

The Lanovo Yoga 730 screen is in reference to good color reproduction, deep saturated black and hours after entertainment and entertainment, in this case I could not complain. However, the biggest disadvantage of this tool is a shiny matrix that prevents comfortable functioning when there is a large amount of light, that is, almost everywhere outside and during the day. Setting up the 100% maximum screen brightness, it saves the situation slightly, but the unpleasant reflection on the display is still there. You can not escape from it and it is worth remembering. This computer has a big and dreadful solution.

The Lenovo Yoga 730 comes with a Intel Core i5-8250U processor and 8GB RAM as well as 256 GB SSD. However, selling in Variants with Intel Core i7 Chip and 16GB Operating Memory is a more powerful alignment.

According to my expectations, for the management of equipment, it works very well. I work on a daily basis, which can be described as "office" – I work with browsers and text and photo editors, and in the background, I use competitiveness and other multimedia applications, not just for audio and video streaming. With the described configuration, it was not for me that the Lenovo notebook would last a long time or if it would cause problems in simple procedures. Each process and commissioned work should be on the tools of this class. 8 gigabytes of RAM are not enough and I am awake with this limitation behind my head – it has come out that it is completely unnecessary.

Users who want to "do something more serious" on these resources, let them look around for a more powerful alignment. The version of Core i5 and 8 GB of RAM may require many computing power for more complex operations or tasks.

I am very well evaluated the operation of Lenovo Yoga 730. Knobbuk started the cooling system periodically, but it happened unusually. Through loads in the form of a dozen or more cards, listening to music for testing on the web app and processing photos, the devices cut my ears with the same sounds of fans coming out of the ears.

Windows 10 keeps track of the home computer's work.

Under the Lenovo Yoga 730 housing, the eighth generation Intel Core processor was already "on paper" that would signal good working time for this computer. I have to admit that from the beginning I did not expect miracles, but I was very happy. Without a slight problem, every time I exceed 5 hours on a charge of Yoga 730 – and on medium display settings. By reducing the clock speed of the processor and using the more economical mode applied in the notebook by the manufacturer, the tools will work much longer. In Lenovo hardware case, however, you can rely on hard 5 to 8 hours operation without distraction before Yoga 730 reminds you to connect to a charger.

While using the most powerful configuration it is difficult to accurately assess how this time will change, but I believe the devices will not get such good results after disconnecting from the socket.

In Lenovo Yoga 730 the battery is something that comes in a very decisive way and after the tests I can not fully complain about it. You will be satisfied.

The Lenovo Yoga 730 "app work" attempts to pass culture, which is just a few of the world's most popular computers. The Chinese manufacturer's computer has a really nice battery, a globally comfortable and responsive keyboard, and allows you to use it in tablet mode – even when watching movies. Good quality loudspeakers with support for the Dolby Atomos system are eligible for admiration, as they arise on ubiquitous intermediaries for such a small construction.

Unfortunately, Yoga 730 loses a lot of use by using shiny, terrible reflection sensors and a few connectors, which are scared by users thinking about "how to connect everyone here".

Generally, however, Lenovo Yoga 730 is a great computer for the task, for which performance and mobility can not be complained. Students or people who need equipment will often migrate to the place with them, they will definitely be more than satisfied.

Everyone in the course of purchase will keep in mind the limitations and minor shortcomings of the Lenovo notebook.

Yoga 730 is a computer that can finally be forgiven.

Price: around PL99 4499

Alexander Piscorz

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