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Łukasz Kuczera: Rye in Rybnik. The right person in the right place (comment)

President of Krzysztof Mrozek of Piotr Zyta's job as a ROW coach in Ribbon is a good decision. After the success of the 2016 Coach Club, I felt that I had some unfinished businesses in Upper Sialatia.

Łukasz Kuczera

Łukasz Kuczera

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/ Cryptof Morsek (left), Pitore Zyoto

In 2016 ROW Rybnik was a new PGE Extras. When this happens, he decides a disaster and a sudden drop from the world's best league. Finally, after the promotion, the team did not make any awesome forces. It was a mixture of speedway riders after coming up to those who were coming that time. Trainer Pietur Sutty had to supervise everything.

András Johnson did not survive the supervision of the second-year coach of Rabinbin. However, after the problems in Torun, "Rekinow" retained the Gregory Ligament form, and Rooney Holla proved to be a player at an extraordinary level. In addition, Max Frick's skills have also changed.

The Rybnik juniors began to get good results, and the "sharks" came to appreciate the atmosphere where people could come to ray. All of this has not been repaired. The road was also playing.

After the 2016 season, unexpectedly unexpectedly siphon off roads. This was Christi Joseph's president. He should be tried in such categories, even if he has not mistakenly agreed. However, the time will not be reversed, and the past may not change. Most importantly, the gentlemen again joined hands to erase some misunderstandings. Mrozek and Zyta's relationship proved to be a guest of the fact that the end of the best season in the end of the ROW Rybnik machine park.

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I'm happy because I felt that the trainer in Upper Silesatia probably had an unfinished business. The team is in a different position than in 2016. This is unusual. Results of the ROW under Mirzlav Korbeli were excellent because the "sharks" coach did not leave Elite in the 2017 season. The club's story was determined by Gregory Lage's stimulus. However, the lack of promotion in this year's competition can be saved to a Jaroslav Dike. That's it. As a team leader, he does a great job as a manager.

To prove Zyta's work, Morkel's analysis of the causes of the defeat in the Nice 1.L round final was analyzed. The ROW president realized that he could achieve more and more as a better trainer in the machine park. More than that, for example, if you remember some situations, for example, to make specific decisions of lublin track or judges.

The composition created by "Sharks" allows them to dream of PGE Ekstraliga promotion. If this goal is made, no one can thank him as a result of one year's cooperation. The previous episode of Rybnik's coach was interrupted by half. During this time, Roy got a chance to work long time with the players. Maybe even a fan favorite DMP medal?

Łukasz Kuczera

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