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M Mokolaj Roznerski honestly about leaving them as love. Marcin will not surprise Isza and Ania


For love, Marcin (Mikloz Ronjarsky), Iza (Adriana Kalskka), Ania (Maria Powlovskaya)
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For love, Marcin (Mikloz Ronjarsky), Iza (Adriana Kalskka), Ania (Maria Powlovskaya)

Will Marcin (Mikloz Raznorsky) disappear from TV show "M Jake Milosch"? Who will choose: Isia (Adriana Kalskka) or her (Maria Powlovskaya)? Mikloz Roserski answered in the last interview of these questions! It turns out that Chdukovsky will mess up well and the viewers like "M Jake Milosch" will not be satisfied with their life choices. What exactly did the actor confess? Will Rogerssky leave the show?

What's next with Eza and Marcin from "Jake miłość"? What will Micheloz Rogersby quit?

Mikloz Rosecchi's life and his serial character of "Jake Milosch" will definitely include two things: the flexibility of life and the continuous push forward!

Actor development never ceases, and Edia Kalska begins to grow up with her personal life. Meanwhile, Marcin of "Jake Milosch" still decides who really loves him.

The choice between great women like Ezha and her is not easy.

However, before we move forward in the story of "Jake Milosch", it is appropriate to mention one important thing. In an interview with Flas, Mikloz Roserski told how all worked on the set after years.

Gwiazdor definitely does not complain about the shortage of job offers, which can interfere with their stabilization efforts and their concentration on their relatives. Does it intend to leave "Jake miłość" in the near future?

Definitely not! This series helped me a lot early in the journey of acting. I finished the Puppetry Department and there was no experience with the camera. There, I learned to direct myself. Creator Tedesz Lemcca has trusted me and we are working together this day – He calmed the royerski fans.

Returning to hard serial events, screen-based Markin announced that things – if possible – will become more complicated. What else, viewers will not like their future decisions about choosing a partner!

– In "Jake Milosch", thanks to the cool screenplay, I still learn something new and my character will surprise viewers. Not necessarily positive (…) Markin gives good returns and faces the selection of difficult heart: choosing which woman, because there is Aniia in her heart … I think everybody has seen herself at least once in this type of episode in her life. Is there.

Many Internet users want to support Chodakovsky's heart, but they also have many admirers. Do you think Mikloz Rogerski said that Markin will surprise viewers?

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