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Milano Santolaus Miss Polonia 2018. Miss Polonia's final final of 10/11/2018. See the selection of the most beautiful Polish woman


Update, hours 22.50

Babo's 19-year-old Milena Sidocca was a polygon.

Mileena Saddesk himself:

Few words about me: This year I passed my last exam. From October on, I will be studying at the University of Panacol in Kraków. I'm interested in fashion and since then I have become a passion for my baby. I spend my free time with my beloved boyfriend and my family. I know English at the Communication level.

I attended the Miss Polonia competition in 2018. Because I was a kid, I was dreaming to act in it. It gives me a lot of possibilities, and I think it's a competition that allows fashion and media to appear first.

Good miss Intelligent and sensitive, intelligent and unique person with the ability to find a woman in every situation.

Inspire me … My father, socially active, acts confidently as the President of the Archie Babies Sports Club. He is also the councilor of our beautiful town of Babys. Works well in the entire commune. In addition, he runs his own business, and the best still finds time for the family.

My biggest dream … Of course, if I'm going to be the 2018 Miss Kerala, I know that I have to fight very hard, I want to visit America in the future.

I must be miss polio because … I am confident that I will proudly represent our country and wear a crown proudly.

From the picture of Miss Boliaonia 2018:

Update, hours 22,45

LiveStream / Mishpalloni 2018

Match decision:
Mrs. Poland, 2018 – Milena Sados, Baby

Poland Deputy Deputy of Polynia 2018 – PATRYCJA WONNIAK, Łask

LiveStream / Mishpalloni 2018

Update, hours 22.07

A Grensky Woman at the age of five!

The first five went:

  • Patricia Vinyl, Task
  • Mortina Gorok and Kidur
  • Malena Sados, Baby
  • Susanna Esma, Ramoth

Update, hours 21.30

Miss World 2018 audience Sylwia Stasińska from Gidansk! She got into the tenth tentet!

Election of pollen Miss Polonia Final 10/11/2018

Miss Polonia is one of the oldest aesthetes of the world. Whose current design and mission is based on the 80 year old tradition of the best Polish women's organization. On November 10, 2018, the Miss Polonia will be held in 2018.

Miss Polonia Final 10/11/2018 Finalist:

See the 20th finalists' photos of the Miss Polonia 2018 tournament. PNN 50,000 worth of feminine crowns, Amber Crown, the world's most prestigious beauty pageants: Miss World, Miss Universe or Miss Grand International will represent our country!

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Miss Polonia – oldest Polish beauty contest

Miss Polonia is a beauty contest organized in Poland since 1929. The first poll of Polish women was held on January 27, 1929 at the Polish Hotel. Ten finalists selected based on the photos sent. The name of the contest was invented by Tudu's Boy-Jellens.

Miss Polonia 2018. Miss Polonia's Final Final 10/11/2018 Where is the most beautiful Polish woman? Thank you

Mrs. Polonia 2018 – Final 10/11/2018
Finalist's Missouri Polonia 2018:

  • Jaisaka Valleka, Chelambra, Province Kuyavian-Pomeranian, 19 years old, height 171 centimeters
  • Magdalena Kasksarki, Elas, province mazowieckie, 22 years, height 173 centimeters
  • Patricia Veninik, Laske, Province Lords, 19 years, height 173 cm
  • Milina Sidos, Babies, Provincial Poland less, 19 years and 175 cm
  • Natalya Ulysses, Bythoram, Provincial Cyligian, 26 years old, height 175 cm
  • Agatta Dordoko, Solaceeniki, Lithuania, 18 years, height 175 cm – Miss Polonia Lithuania
  • SYLWIA STASIŃSKA, Gdańsk, provincial Pomeranian, 20 years, height 175 centimeters
  • Merkard Karvaka, Warsaw, province mazowieckie, 21 years old, height 176 centimeters
  • Carlowena URBRISCE, RUBNO, provincial 19 years, height 176 cm
  • Susana Esma, Rhodom, Province mazowieckie, 21 years old, height 176 centimeters
  • Peelin Overseas, Collins, Province Wielkopolskie, 24 years, height 176s
  • Mortina gorok, kidney, province mazowieckie, 23 years, height 176 centimeters
  • Olivia FIJAŁKOWSKA, Chelm, Province Lublin, 21 years, height 177 centimeters
  • Natalia Zawaliq, Kutno province lodges, 19 years, height 177 centimeters
  • Magdalena Chesak, Ocaxo, Province of Lodz, 23 years, height 178 cm
  • Teresa Miligosi, Gdańsk, provincial Pomeranian, 25 years, height 179s
  • Elisa jacobasca, Warsaw province mazowieckie, 26 years old, height 180 centimeters
  • Alexander Pechelle, Warsaw, Province Mazowieckie, 18 years, height 181 centimeters
  • Veronica Corsica, Rassan Province Masovian, 20 years, height 181 centimeters
  • Carloi Grodje, Rassasso, Province Podcarny, 21 years, height 184 cm

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Mrs. Polonia 2018 – Final 10/11/2018

  • SYLWIA STASIŃSKA, Gdańsk, provincial Pomeranian, 20 years, height 175 centimeters

    I am a law student at the University of Gdansk. My passion drives motorcycle and reads history books. I spend my favorite cat with my friends.

    Miss Polonia 2018. Miss Polonia's Final Final 10/11/2018 Where are the most beautiful Polish women?

    Gdańsk, provincial Pomeranian, 20 years, height 175 cm
    Thank you

    I attended the Miss Polonia competition in 2018. This is not only aesthetic competition, but a competition for personality, courage and boldness, as a masterpollia, I can do a lot of good things about the future.

    Good miss A woman with energy, optimism, and self confidence. Miss beauty and personality are a perfect combination. Polonia 1989, Miss Polonia 1989, Miss Anil Kricelika, Beautiful and Feligiri Women's International

    Inspire me … Katharina Grachola, a marvelous writer, as well as a woman with unlimited imagery and complex writer. Our books allow you to move to another dimension and understand the world around us.

    My biggest dream … I dream about what I can do as a hard-working person. One of them needs to open a refuge for homeless and needy animals.

    I must be miss polio because … I'm a determined member of the goals. I could have influenced others through my own natural approach to the world. I can prove that everything is possible with hard work.

  • Teresa Miligosi, Gdańsk, provincial Pomeranian, 25 years, height 179s

    I handle the modeling, I am an animation and a hostess. In MotiGing, the most awesome travel, an opportunity to meet new people and find new places. I also had an opportunity to sell Amber's ornaments and jewelry at one of the regional galleries in Jeddah. The unexpected curiosity of the world led me to Guerreis in the English Galaxy. There I worked for two years in a beautiful restaurant in Portugal. I was going from deputy manager to deputy manager. I would like to learn journalism or interior design in the future. I know English, this year I will start learning Spanish. My big passion is always these bigger and bigger trips. I'm not scared to know new flavors that I am doing good things. I am interested in fashion, art and visa, I love animals. I am active here. I like to drive a bike. While I am in my freedom, I watch good music and spend time with my relatives. In my backpack there will always be a space for frisbee and sweets that I can not live without.

    Miss Polonia 2018. Miss Polonia's Final Final 10/11/2018 Where are the most beautiful Polish women?

    Terasa miligogs
    Gdańsk, provincial Pomeranian, 25 years, height 179 cm
    Thank you

    I attended the Miss Polonia competition in 2018. I never thought I would enter the game, but a friend said that it would be a very valuable and interesting experience. The Polonia Miss Polon is among the oldest and most prestigious competitions in Poland. This group of finalists is great respect for me.

    Good miss Clice, Grace and Class are filled with. Not only is a happy woman a notable beauty. In my opinion, Olivier Klop, a representative in the US, is one of the best personalities and companions in these qualities, winning the Miss Universe title since 2012. The present mission is the Polonia – Agatha Bearnath dynasty. A powerful, beautiful, and modern lady working in a fair way. She did not like her.

    Inspire me … The top of my list of people constantly motivating me is in my own past – my mother stands. My heroines show me what is a gift life all day. She is patient, a nice, warm woman. Owner of self and self-actual original consciousness. It is amazing to see how old age is and how we begin to appreciate what our parents are saying. I could not ask God for a better way of life. I am so grateful for every lesson and her patience. The Treasure of Knowledge and Love. In the future, half I want to be like a woman and my mother.

    My biggest dream … My greatest dream is to look at the whole world, in the life of the sun without a famine, you have time to read your expired books and understand your feelings. Stay in front of my favorite, amazing photographer's lens like Kat Irling and Mr. Testino. Learn to read guitar. Everything can be eaten or eaten. Never forget that there is always a reason in the morning and in the smile. But my biggest dream was that I could not waste a chance in my old age that I could live a hundred percent then in my old age. Because in my life it is not the number of breaths, but in the moments of our breathing.

    I must be miss polio because … I love the challenges and the new experiences. I can not stay in one place for a long time. I am pouring energy on my horizons. An extraterritor empowers me to create new and wonderful acquaintances. However, life is not only social, I am very sensitive and emotional. If you get the title titled 'Miss Polonia', the good thoughts of as many people will affect me. I really like it, the biggest reward is always someone's smile. I always want to convince others to trust me, that is why I came. The person who qualifies for the final is a private success. Somebody who told me I was where I was now a few years ago would not have believed that. However, it sticks to life from the hook.

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