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NBA: The Most Important Rumors! NBA Free Agents – Zero Days!


Sunday night from Monday to Sunday, exactly at midnight, the NBA transfer window will open. Clubs can submit new contract proposals to competitors who are called "free agents", which means they do not have a valid contract with any team. However, before breaking the northeast, let's take a look at the facts and the most important rumors!

The most important information!

  • This news will be refreshed many times on Sunday, so I invite you to come back after an hour or two and refresh it.
  • Similar news with all the interesting information will be published after midnight, while the transfer window will be opened.
  • The most important things in different things will also be described. Every moment, however, has more rumors. We want to give a summary of what happens to the news of "day 0", "day 1" etc. If someone does not have time to follow social media throughout the day, then it is for people that we do that – we prefer information.

You can find a list of all the free players here. On July 1, players can enter the market and sign a contract with any club, but if they are "free agents reserved", then their existing club has the opportunity to level an offer.

Summary of the last days:

Nicola Whitwick (Magic) and Harrison Barnes (Kings) have to receive so-called offers to deny their current clubs. I count on the exact departure of the quadrilateral. In last season, he helped average 20.8 points, 12 rebounds, and 3.8 per game!

Christopher Porshingis It will get maximum agreement Dallas Mavericks

Mark Gasol He used the "Player Option", which was the record of the contract, which said that the player can decide for himself that he lives in the current team in the next season. Central Raptors will earn more than $ 25 million for a season!

Patrick Beverly Many encourage the club's interest NBA Among other things, they are considered: Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers And of course Los Angeles Clippers.

Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors Propose Clay Thompson $ 190 million for a maximum deal, or five-year play. They also do not want to Klay He talked and met with other clubs. They have so much to lose.

Kevin Durant She will be a free agent. It is true that Achilles will lose the entire year due to injury, but many people will be ready to sign a long-term deal with him.

Presently is Durant New York, Meet with either of the representatives Nux, Net, Clippers And Lakers And of course Warriors.

On offer Warriors There is no reason to calculate, because they can not afford the maximum contract. But maybe some merini spells? Because to meet Durant Just do not fly GM Warriors, Also Stephen Curry

Los Angeles Lakers

– Officially Los Angeles Lakers They could not even win Anthony Davis, And for the NBA championship they are already favorite!

Lakers They gave $ 32 million to three players to sign a third star.

Lakers To meet with Kevin Durant And Kauai Leonard. In my opinion, they should still fight for Cree Irving, Which is perfectly suited to the style of the game Labro James And Anthony Davis

– In the studio ESPN The $ 32 million was to break into many good players. Remember that the market will also be there Patrick Beverly, Malcolm Brogodon, Bojan Bagdanovic, Danny Greene, Brooke Lopez, J. Which Reddick or Ricky Ruby One Carmelo Anthony Waiting for the least veteran in the initial blocks. Other volunteers will also be found. The basic principle of team building, however, is to say "Better to be a better player than three good peopleThis can be when you have it Libroon And Davis, Who are some good people who will help in defense and throw them out of the distance?

Kauai Leonard

Kauai Leonard Meet with Representatives Clippers And Lakers And finally Raptors.

With a meeting with them Lakers However, some acid came out. Obviously his people offered a meeting with him Gene Bus, Also Magician johnson Magic It is not officially an employee Lakers And so he could not participate in such meetings.

Other information

Kembali Walker (Hornet) Boston Celtics Proposal for maximum agreement (141 million for 4 years). He is counting on the maximum Charlotte Hornets, But Michael Jordan He apparently decided that he was not as valuable.

If – Walker Will sign in with Celtics There is a team Boston Sorry Terry Rosier And its status will change from a non-resident agent.

Hornet They will invent a quarterback Adrian Woznerowski From ESPN It is said that there are players in their list such as: Alfred Patton, T.J. McConnell, Ish Smith And Emanuel Mudade.

"Generally, the Hornets will forgive, as they will Frank Kinski Enter the Free Players' Market as "non-reserve".

– The same offer Walker Celtics, It is, 141 million submitted for 4 years Brooklyn Nets Cree Irving Then Race Irving They also join New York Knicks They will also give him such a proposal.

Jimmy Butler (Seekers) do not know yet that he wants to go home, that is Houston Do sit on the sunny beach Miami Or Los Angeles However, it can be triggered that it will remain cold Philadelphia, because Sixers They will give them maximum agreement and they will not agree "Sign & Trade".

Apparently Nicola Mirótic (Bucks) can reject a proposal to earn 40-50 million dollars NBA And return to Europe to sign with the contract FC Barcelona Crazy?

– You've heard it Podcast Problems? We are talking about the free players market. I would recommend!

Darren Collins (Packer) is only 31 years old, but he decides to end the NBA career. I try to understand their motivation, but maybe I should respect it?

D Angelo Russell (Nets) are really in demand. If they do not come with it, Net will give them a new deal Cree Irving Russell They will be happy to see in their creation Wolves Also considered are: Lakers – It will not burn a deal Irving. Wolves They intend to take him with Russell for a meeting Carl-Anthony Towns

– Remember that he entered the free agents market Al Hörford! Its transit to a new club may be a little confusing.

Last update: Saturday to Sunday night.

Other updates on Sunday morning.

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