Tuesday , March 2 2021

On Monday, attend the Sarnesky Prosecutor's Office. He is ready to interview abroad

Leszek Syrenaky. In the last ten years, it lost 5 billion
Author: Masif Kucsini / East News
Leszek Syrenaky. In the last ten years, it lost 5 billion

In Poland, the storm around the case of the owner of the bank, Lessk Sirnikki (56 years), recording the former head of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority, does not shrink. Currently, millions of people are out of the country, from the earthquake of corruption. There, we are planning to question the prosecutor's office next week.

Straight to the CATHOLIS investigative officials first. However, his police counterpart Roman Giritte (47) said it would not be possible because the billionth international foreign office was coming into force. – Interview with Leszek Czarnecki interviewer who I am on Monday at the prosecutor's office – he handed the patron.

Where exactly is he right now? This is not revealed, but a businessman is known to have houses in America or in the Malta.

Cesar is the first and foremost witness in the continuous process. The head of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority, Marke Chrysiky, (37 years old) recorded and recorded the record. At the prosecutor's office, he was willing to give a favorable medical treatment to Sarsangi's bank, to provide employment, and to pay the exact amount of advocate. There was no charge for the inquiry – it is no longer in the offense. Monday's internal control will begin in KNF. – The actions of a person will not affect reputation, assurance of the entire financial oversight commission, and the workforce, the daily work, the constant system of Poland and their reliability will be very reliable – p.O. Marcin Patchuki, chairman of the Financial Supervision Authority.

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