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PA: Pole at the forefront of financial classification. Stefan Craft earned the highest in Zakopan

Stefan Kraft took part in all the competitors who participated in World Cup competitions in Zakopen. Rayoy Cobasashi is at the forefront of the financial classification, but there are also Polish representatives.

Peter Szarark

Peter Szarark

/ Grzegorz Momot
/ Pictured: David Kubki

Stacon Craft had many reasons to be happy at the weekend of the World Cup in Zakopane. On Saturday, the Austrian Jumper teamed up with teammates to be in second place in the team competitions, and one day later he was at the highest level of the podium in the individual competition.

Thanks to that, it is not only in the general classification of the World Cup, but also significantly rich. In Poland, he totaled 15,500 Swiss francs (10,000 for victory on Sunday and 5,500 in second in the team), which gives slightly more than 58,000 PLNs.

Out of Polish delegates in Zokopen, Doug Kubaki made 6,700 Swiss francs (fourth in the Saturday's team competitions in the competition and 4,200 in the 12th position in individual competitions) – the total number of PLNs was 25,300.

Naturally, Ryo Kobasashi, who did not introduce such a classic form in Zakopen, for which he already admires fans, remains at the forefront of financial classification. However, the Japanese people have already earned PLN 491 000 in the World Cup, and if we add bonus to the victory in the Four Hills Tournament (20,000 franks), then it gives approximately PL7 567,000 thousand.

Between Balo-Kaiserwonique, the most sought after in the 2018/19 season was the Poetry Żyła – exactly 7500 Swiss French, which is approximately 284,500 złotice. It gives it third place in the financial classification of the jumps. Fourth is Camill Stoch – PLN around 281,000, and fifth Quakerike – PLN 276,000 approx.

World Cup financing after Zoppen competitions:

Place Player Country Earnings (PLN)
1. Ryo Kobayashi Japan 566 817
2. Stefan Craft Austria 289,769
3. Peter Żyła Poland 284 491
4. Camel Stoch Poland 281,079
5. David kubki Poland 275,790
6. Stephen Lehe Germany 238 523
7. Marcus Eusebacher Germany 211,573
8. Carl Geiger Germany 209,495
9. John André Forfang Norway 183,227
10. Robert Johansson Norway 170,959
24. Jacob Wallney Poland 64,983
34. Malaysian coat Poland 22 101
38. Stefan Hula Poland 16 245
59 Paweł Wąsek Poland 1,511

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