Saturday , July 2 2022

PALUT Introducing the Video "My Church": The new album "Corsani Diane"


On December 7, Poznan will release a new album for rapper milk. "Red Carpet" announced a video for the song "My Church".

Milk on video "My church"

The second single beat from the 13th album is "stronger than a neighboring bunch", "My Church", rather than APMG Several.

The "red carpet" consists of 14 display tracks.

Among the guests, besides elephants from Palucha Label (Jodi, Szpak, Kobik), there will be an elephant, a French waffler with the Polish roots of the PLK.

The role of a musical opera by APMG, Sergius, 2K, Michael Graskik, Hubby, Jules, Sodramatic, Gibbs, Polish-Belgian duo Young Vetteren, and French Producer Benche.

"To a large extent, the album is focused on the world of the exhibition industry and all the focuses of the industry.The industry is not only for colleagues but also for all today's generation, but & # 39; s music video & # 39; My Church & # 39; APMG Production & # 39; – we read.

Here are the details of the "red carpet" album:

1. Introduction
2. "Red Carpet" Product 2K, Meka Glasse
3. "Balance" feet, elephant
4. "The Most Sad People" product. Sodomit
5. "Do not Think About it" ft. Kobik prod. Up
6. "New Poland" product. Benjay
7. "My Church" Product App
8. "SIDLA" ft. PLK PROD. Young Veteran $
9. "Energy" Product Network Graske & Hubei
10. "repayment" product of the product
11. "Pudillus" product. Gibbs
12. "Amalgam" ft. Joda, Escap, Prod. Up
13. "skin" prod. Sodomit
14. "Eternal Life" Product Sergius.

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