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PENSION OF DISTANCES OF DISTANCES OF 2019 NEW DELHI [16.11.2018] Indexation of Pensions in 2019 What might be the rise

In the next few years, the Value Added Value laws have often changed to protect the status of lower pension benefits.

  • A Quota Valentation was presented in 2012. Retirement and disability benefits increased in PLN 71.
  • The index index was 104.0% in 2013 (the average increase of PLN 70.61).

  • Pension benefits in 2014 increased by 101.6% (an increase of 29.87 PLN).

In 2015, the Pension Benefits Indexation rate increased to 100.68%, but the PLN was less than 36%. The PNR increased by 4.30%, or 0.68%, but the increase in PLN 36 rose to 4.26%. Pension, pension, pension of employees, PLN from 844.45 to PLN 880.45. In 2016, the pensioners' extensive support system, pension and disability benefits were retained. The amount depended on the level of benefit transfer from PLN 50 to PLN 400.

In 2017, the indexation rate of 100.44% was the lowest beneficiary of PLN 10. At the same time, the lowest in the same year increased. The lowest pension in internships, total disability pension and employee pension increased from PLN 882.56 to PLN 1000, meaning PLN 117.44 or 13.3 per cent increase. PLN 667.75 from PLNN to PNN The pension increased by 750, PLN 73.25 (10.8%), PLN 841 PLN from PLN 741.35 PLN 840 PLN, ie PLN 98.65, ie 13.3% increase.

The index index of this year is 102.98%. The highest pension in the past five years and the pension of Rs 1,029.80 per month is the minimum pension, total unusual pension, the increase in family pensions. PLN, or 29.80 PLN only.

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