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PIS is in Los Silasia. There is a coalition. Which price is here


Citizens' Coexistence of 14 Counselors in the Law and Justice Regional Council 13. These parties can govern a vote without any regional councilors who have six councilors. From the declaration of the non-party parliamentary results, people from the Civic Platform, Law and Justice spoke. But the party in Jaroslav Kaskinski has been known since the party has given more to BS.

Today, the alliance between the judiciary, the judiciary and the non-party party administrators has become a fact. Prime Minister Maytas Moravekiy, Ceery Prizebyskiy – Marble of Lower Silasia, Robert Rosanczi – President of Lubin, Michael Dvarsky – chairman of the chancellery of the Prime Minister.

The PS Independent Party also offered three places in the board. They will be the Sasari prisbleskiy, including the position of Marshall. It is reported that they have achieved this position in state treasury companies, including the management of the Copper Entrepreneurship in KSMM. The head of the PiS Local Council, Andresz Zero, will remain in the position of two deputy speakers. Current deputy governor Kamil Salinzki and Marcin Krysnowsvy mentioned here.

There will also be government money for investment in Lower Sialatia. Itina Sosinska in Lubin is a production of the Lower Sains Sports Center for clearing and sports center. The new Oncology Hospital will be set up by Government Assistance at Wroclaw.

The mineral tax termination is one of the non-party non-party targets. This is to honor the KGHM. Keep in mind that the law and justice in the election campaign three years ago promised to pay this tax. Today, the government has announced to reduce this tax to 15 percent.

– We are not guided by political will. We do not have a foreknowledge of the development of the Lower Salaati. We're glad we made a settlement – President Lubina Robert Razanski said after signing the deal.

Party vice president Adam Lipinski said that lower sensation is the best example of how to communicate. – We've proven that we can communicate. I hope this is just the beginning – Adam Lypinski, Vice President of PiS, said.

– I'm cooperating with new management and local council. From the start, if I wanted to build a territory in the capital and an important lower lane – I said it needed a territory in the capital – PiS commented on the portal for taking over power in Lower Salisia. This was done by President Jacques Katrak, the president of the elected Worcest. Surek added that he sees several areas of cooperation. It will make them happy to discuss new voicemail authorities.

– I still believe that the councilor of the Lower Solicia Local Council is doing everything to protect our sector from the decisions taken at the PIS headquarters in Novgorodsky – this is how Juraslav Duda, head of the Civic Platform in Lower Siberia,

This is the price of the allies. See what's offered to the local government for non-partying in addition to the PiS position

  • Lower Silesia Expressway Road Network Development Medici (Wrocław-Kłodzko-Międzylelsie-frontier)
  • S8 Kobierzyce-Kłodzko-Boboszów Regional Roads and Motorways for road and intersection of National Roads and Motorways at the national level in the network of roads and motors. To connect with the S8 Sobótka node in the Slk Sobótka node, the S3 junction is slimmed with the SiVods and through the project authentic details to the S3 node of the Belco relating to Voltrish and Jelena Goro.
  • Protect most parts of the A4 after Motorway's planned modernization
  • A new voduced agreement enters into the bridge of DijarSonio, Salotoregia, Boksao-Gos, Gora, Worcla, Stresgom, Swincika, East Beltway, Order and Milicus bridges.
  • Volunteer to redevelop the rail lines to be reconstructed
  • These taxes include 15% fewer copper taxes and local partnership in April 1, 2019.
  • Construction of the technology park in the cabin
  • Support for Navigable Navigator navigation
  • Support for the development of Milicz Ponds
  • Smug creates a program to fight municipalities with the most polluted municipality
  • Construction of a new oncology hospital
  • Support for the creation of Lower Sisi Innovative Medication Center in Wroclaw and Senior Center in Provincial Specialist Hospital in Worcla
  • Support for spa infrastructure in Lower Silesia
  • Strengthen the preservation of national memory
  • Irena Sisevsky of Lubain and Gorik Nou Stadium and Mesto Wolfbrash Club support for the construction of the Lower Season Sports Center in Poland's Jamaica at the Sport Center
  • Activities to set up the Central Sports Center in the valley of Jeleniogorsk

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