Friday , March 5 2021

PlayStation 5 will be presented by Sony in the middle 2019 (rumored)

The PlayStation 5 is about to be launched in the near future, but it gives more light on the presentation of the latest Sony Console.

Ruthern was the first to report that Sony was eliminated in Los Angeles in the E3 next year. Initially, you may be thinking that this year's Playstation experience works with the preparation of appropriate premiums in the USA, but it did not happen.

The Sony Console will be announced by mid-next year and we will learn more about it in PS Xperia 2019. According to the leak, the Sony Console will start selling in March 2020, this date may change, and the devices will only appear in November.

At this point, the Japanese dimension of console performance and PlayStation are not problematic in running 4K games in 60 frames per 5 seconds. All thanks to the 8 core AMD Ryesen processor, but its use can climb the price of $ 500.

Console is all because new virtual reality Goggles – Playstation VR 2. appears simultaneously at the glowing computing unit console. The PS VR 2 is to get a webcam that tracks dualShock 5 of the player and controller.

Games like Sushama's Gift, Two of Us or Death String will appear on the 9th generation console.

The most important information about PlayStation 5:

  • Playstation experience will be back in 2019
  • Most developer studios already have a PlayStation 5 Davin White
  • Sony is preparing console notifications, which is one of the main reasons for failing in E3 2019
  • A small preview in the middle of next year is the final one
  • Premiere delayed because of the kits PS5 game preparations
  • Ghosh of Sushima is the character of the new Sony Console
  • The second names of ours, Sushma's ghost and death striping are the earliest names
  • Sony does not want to create their most important games in the next generation console so they will appear in the existing ones
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is expected to appear in the next generation in 2020
  • Console sales in March or November 2020
  • PS VR 2 will get new PlayStation Motion controllers and dedicated gloves, trying them
  • AP Escape 4 will appear on PS5
  • The retreat is not suitable, but the latest PS4 games will be available on PS5
  • Console name can be changed to PSV

Creation of the bayeware song will be delayed again. That's because the premiere of the game in the new Sony Console is planned.

Playstation 4 is now 5, so it's time to announce the next Sony Console. Keep in mind that most of the information is not realistic and you can find everything in the presentation of the devices.


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