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Poland's potential in Ukraine competition is declining – the way of employment


This is the last battle of recruitment of workers from Ukraine. Chex and the Slovakians, they tested a high salary and a two-year contract.

– Now even checks takes us more and more workers from Ukraine, will soon be able to go to Germany, and a large part of the professionals can go for it – the Ukrainian branch of the Employment Service Labor Union warns Marion Przezdziecki director. While Ukrainian has a huge demand for domestic companies, it is very difficult to attract Ukrainian people to work in Poland.

Staff famine is still on the rise in Ukraine, especially western areas. Secondly, this year's competition from Czech Republic and Slovakia, liberalization of entry processors has been growing steadily. The recruitment specialty of Ukrainian workers was confirmed by other agencies. Christoph Enggott, the personal service head of the three companies in Ukraine, agrees that Czech companies and Slovak companies are recruiting more than the previous year.

Check attack

– Before the declaration of simple procedures on the Ukraine, there was no change. We remain, and other countries begin to open up – says IDF director Michael Virsevsky, who wants to bring 15 thousand people this year from Ukraine. Employees. Recently opened an office in Czech Prague. I want to take advantage of the leap for Ukrainian employees.

One-third of Czech Republic, which earns up to Poland (up to 50% automotive industry), will receive visas for up to 90 days, followed by a public employer with a recipient of a residual Ukrainian 24-month workcard. The card pool has doubled this year to 20,000. In the future it will double again.

The "informal acceleration" provision allows the settlement to be settled within 2-3 months, although the Czech Republic (for long-term Poland) will have to wait up to a year for a long-term visa. Czech visits family, Labor minister Jerozlava Nemesko, visited Ukraine twice this year. During the visit of September last year, a quick administrative route was introduced for the employees in selected employment. Two years in Slovakia, which is 20 percent higher than Poland.

Migrants without European Union since January 2019 must open a more widely available labor market including Ukraine. According to Marion Prezediky, German middlemen currently have the approval to apply to workers. The salary will be around 1,400 euros per month up to 170 hours. In the job (just 240 hours of work in Poland). According to him, the Germans, not only for professionals, but also those who are ineligible and German without knowledge – this situation may ignore the opposition of 1.6 million German workers in the Audía County of Germany.

Stability is required

Marion Precededkki claims Poland is a leader who will open Poland from Ukraine. – We fell to the last place in this area. In addition, we run the competition according to payroll and employee housing conditions are very bad, "he explains," The main problem for six months of work in Poland is the simple visa law in Poland, declaration of declaration of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the prolongation of one year in autumn Walk Pakkappettilla.

– If we do not do that, we will lose a lot if we do not provide assistance to establish regular jobs and work in Ukraine, "says Marion Priesticki. The provision of the existing system supports support for unskilled workers from the East. Poland's experts in Poland have been discouraged. – We have to expand the employer into the statement up to 18 months, and give the Ukrainian workers the right to work and to receive family members – says Cosfuff Inglot.

If the head of the work service in Ukraine comes to mind, the petition to stay for a long time in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus is treated similarly to visitors in Bangladesh or Nepal, who are very close culturally. In Poland they would be able to stay with their families, and they would have been more inspiring to raise their qualifications. They do not change their job for a 1-2 PLN hour increase, which is the nightmare of many companies, especially in construction.


JACEK PIECHOTA, President of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

Our achievements for employees from Ukraine are geographical and cultural attractions. Many of them know the level of living in Poland. However, competition from countries with high wages is a real threat. In addition, the migration policy of our country is not very clear, the waiting time for living and work is not reduced, some politicians combine migrant workers with migrant workers. An open government announcement will be required in Poland welcoming Ukrainian Ukrainians. It is valuable to show good examples in their work and comprehensively. It is a matter of "participation and employment" in social propaganda.

They work and support in the economy

The National Bank of Ukraine (Ukraine) last year received 9.3 billion dollars (9 percent of GDP) from Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs in Ukraine, 3.2 million citizens of the country work abroad and another 9 million are working over time. The bulk of both groups go to Poland. Where the number of workers from Ukraine is estimated at 1.8-2 million. The Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers warns. The share of the Polish employer, even some of them (500,000 to moderate), could reduce our GDP by 1.6 per cent, which is 1/3 of the previous year's growth. Over the years, employer organizations and economists have requested a policy migration policy. In the autumn, his autumn project was returned to the cabinet. – The migration policy affects many topics, so there should be agreements – the Ministry of Investment and Development explains.

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