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Polls are tired – they work efficiently


60 percent of poles are functional. Because of the persistent fatigue and the incredible life production, the experts are convinced.

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Polls are tired – they work efficiently

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"The commitment to work is a global problem. According to the GT Institute, there is limited risk of 80 per cent in this area. Employees"

11 million pounds are suffering from constant fatigue. It translates in quality of personal life and low-cost effectiveness. Because uncomfortable energy management comes from four sources: physical, emotional, mental, and social. It helps to increase the power and mood.

The commitment to work is a global problem. According to the US Golfer Institute's estimates, 80 per cent of the coverage is limited. Employees are less efficient. One fifth of the managers is the leader who achieves maximum efficiency. In Poland, about 60 percent complain about job discouragement and fatigue. Employees. There are many reasons for lower commitment and resulting in limited effective effectiveness.

– These are bad organizational procedures of companies, staff overloaded, do not know the priorities, and organizational elements such as those who do not have bad contact with their bosses – Marisa Jansovka, Lissia Business Information Agency in Bangkok, Vice Saskobba, Bangkok. Katwis.

Overweight of the information influences the low intervention of the job. Contemporary man absorbs 100,000 a day words, and about 350 percent. More than 1980. Modern technology means that people are constantly on the Internet and that it contains the information it contains, and that is worse mood. The inability to focus on the center, the major mental retardation and energy life are all very important.

– Those who treat their energy are happy. They usually have well-arranged preferences, they know their values ​​and know what these values ​​are and start with the day with them – they said.

These people have the ability to adjust their time and focus on their responsibilities. Thanks to that, they maintain a balance between professionalism and personal life, and they do not experience unnecessary stress in their work. Experts say that those who deal with life power are easy to get acquainted with, because they have no permanent fatigue. 11 million poles have already passed.

– In the background of other European countries, we have a lot of work, but at the same time we are more caretakers than the other, it's time to rejuvenate every day. If we are together, we have a simple way to reduce efficiency and fragmentation, "says Marcela Janakovsky.

There are four sources of life power: physical, emotional, mental and social days. The first indicates the body and body. This is the foundation of physical and mental well-being. But the polz is often confined to the body, which is important for proper nutrition, proper nutrition, daily sleep and regular physical activity. Equivalent source of life energy is passionate.

– Here are all the pleasant pleasures of the place, but to rejuvenate, get good energy and good. These are simple, watch a movie with your family, wash your dog behind your ears, and read a good book – Marcela Janakovsky.

The lifestyle must be derived from a mental source, including activities that lead to constant intellectual development. Professional skills and training cadams can be extended and wide. This source uses an approach that reflects the decision making and answers the reality. The last source is social, that is why the energy from other people. It is an important source of energy for any kind of extraterrestrials and entrepreneurs.

– If we do not regularly support it, if we build a good relationship, we will be very hard, not only professional, but life will be burned if we do not get in touch with our close relatives, "says Marcela Janakovsky.

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