Wednesday , June 23 2021

Radeon RX 590 graphics systems by Global Foundations, Samsung ::

AMD's second partner has been selected. Visitors to the Global Chip Market are well aware that most of the global foundies factories make GPU red. In the case of Polaris in 30, the company decided to cooperate with another company, so the supply of chips should not be in any way threatened.

The Radeon RX 590 buyer you can read here can be found in GPU models produced Golabalufundrass Or Samsung. This information was confirmed by AMD to TechPowerUp in an interview but did not describe how to accept the given version. Chips are placed in the same plant in China and makes it harder for the manufacturer of the material to be in the corporation.

Radeon RX 590

From AMD perspective, order for producing polaris for 30 companies has many advantages. Firstly, there should be no problems with the availability of systems, and Reds can make better cooperation, for example, there is competition in globe. There is no big difference in the characteristics of the lithographs available to both companies. Samsung 14 We are based on 12 NM of the Global Foundation license from technology, and production technologies are similar to each other.

Plans for cooperating with other chip manufacturing plants have already been announced. This applies to everything Tsch, Chips in 7 nm lithography should be the exclusive partner of Red. It uses radiant instant mi 60, min accelerators, and EPC "ROM" processors on fast devices.

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