Sunday , May 22 2022

RCB Alert Due to the crisis in Ukraine, Texts were sent with military appointments


Government security center's false warning. In the east of Poland, residents of municipality met text messages calling on people to come to the municipal office in relation to Ukraine's crisis. RCB refused and confirmed that he did not send such messages. Internal security agencies and police are already involved in this matter.

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According to the Infosyority 24 portal, text messaging was sent to the cells by the sender, "RCB alert", content among others: "Attention: 18-65 years of age living in Dukla's community due to the crisis in Ukraine, on November 27, 2018, 10 : Committed to appearing at the Commune office venue at 00, please expect more announcements. "

Information about the false warning was found in the government security center, received from the community residents in the East of Poland.

RCB said on its website, "The government security center has not sent RCB alerts regarding the submission of men to the municipal office. The issue of false positives has already been conducted by the internal security agency and the police."

According to internet users, RCB also sent a text message warning against false information about military appointments. reminds that the "RCB alert" program will officially start from December 12 and is currently operated. Mobile phone users are warning about potential threats – quotes of the words of the Deputy Director of RCB Grisorges Świszcz.

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