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Robert Cubis Williams is selling. "Only signature can be seen"

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Cuba's debate on the final.

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In F1 races he wants to compete against Cuba

Williams Robert Cubicica will not end the deal, says Auto Sport Sport. In the upcoming days a great return of Formula One is a reality.

"Kekeka decided to decide on his future this week, and 33-year-old Pulley Williams's driver will increase by more than 90%." We have only one signature, "said the German automotive portal.

According to the "Auto Motor Sponsor Sport", parties, including Friday's activities, bring the latest information closer. Williams wants to give the driver back the opportunity to give this opportunity. In this way, the Grove team will have more resources for the overall budget.

He gave the cards

However, Cuba has always been dependent on Sponsor – in his sponsor's name.

– The decision belongs to me. I miss everything, and I do not want to do anything. This is a long journey. The environment and the people I work with are important, "said the Polish driver.

British team's current test driver Cuba will support British George Rass, a 20-year-old, to give his first guarantee in the 2019 season.

The Ferrari promises to be an alternative, where the Italian car could be able to handle the driver's position.

Source: Twitter / WilliamsRacing Back in the F1, he was a Cuban Williams reserve driver

He has forgotten F1 for a long time

Until 2006, the F1 career of Cuba was interrupted by an accident. At the start of the 2011 season, Paul Reinottle represented the colors. His car in the Rondo d'Andorra was stuck on a metal basin. The body pierce the body and the right hand broke. His doctors fought for hours.

He has forgotten F1 for a long time. He did not recover his impotence in his right hand, and in January he became the Williams Reserve and Test driver.

In the return visit, he will depend on PKN Orland's financial support. The Corporation will provide financial support to him. "At this stage, appropriate collaboration or talking about any details," the statement explains.


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