Saturday , February 27 2021

Sky jump. Pops promotions separated everywhere

On Saturday on the hill "Durunwaka" on Saturday. Adam Mahes was very emotional. Before the last position, Poland was second on Germany. In the second half, the Camel Stroder Sodor will have 15 points for Richard Freestag and the victory of the first team in White Red.

Staying in Cam, on Saturday is personal best. German second place was ranked third with Stephen Lee. Peacock III is Jack Wolfe.

Sky jump. Poles are promoted in everywhere rank

The Porsche took the fourth title in the history of world championship. In December 2016, the first two winners were selected as the winners of the Kalingaengal team. Later, they contested in Willingon in January 2017 and took part in Sacopène in January 2018.

Polish national team defeated Japan thanks to the victory in the Vila. They often participated in the World Cup tournament. Currently, the two teams have four winners, but there are 10 Japanese in Japanese (seven times in Japanese).

Stephen Hornacker, our representation should be rebuilt

The Polish team became stronger in the tournament during the reign of Stephen Hornaker. 15 Druenkek started playing the Austrian coach, our champions, 13 times in the first triangular series. In Piotr's disadvantage of 2017/2018, it will only be possible twice in Planika, by the end of the previous season and the daughter.

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