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Simon's disaster. The Swiss crossed 117.5 meters in height. Enjoy the loss of judges' line notes.

Granted jumping has been broken and there are only two attempts to advance the need for a deterioration. Top 17 players.

The Masjid coat is not in training, but now there is a better progress. There are no disclosures yet – 118 meters – but there is a special incentive in the competition.

Kazi has a deserving position. Rayo Kobayashi is in second place in 131 meters.

Remember how many Japanese came to the World Cup.

We will not see Noriaki Kasai in the competition. It got 108 meters from here.

Huber will slowly arrive slowly today, but he will gather in the most important moment. 129.5 meters will jump to the position of vice-president.

For a long time without a change – Clové for Altovo.

On Sunday, we will also see the legendary Gregorian scholarship. Austrian passes through the 120th meter.

Finally, a good polarization! 119.5 meters guaranteed promotion of free Cuba.

A short break in the landing Hill formula. We'll be back in the game.

The first tipper season It was a mistake when Philip Asenwalde arrived. Nothing great happened, Austrian left the landing mountain with its own strength.

There is no check in check cosisec.

All the best training is not an opportunity. 127 meters and second.

Distrero is still deceiving. I need five corrupt jumps. Only the best top-notch.

The top five players on a particular promotion. Poles, for the time, just look in this group. But we have the best.

Russia's landing was complete, but the distance – only two meters short of the craft record. Klimow is incredibly strong!

A big jump! Jumped over the Russian hill 137 meters! What a form!

Short jumps are a series … but soon Clive.

We are busy with the ordering information – starting from the tenth jamb.

Adam's nephew, Tomas Pilk, was not paid attention. At this stage 108.5 meters and eighth place.

Overseas players are getting better performance and are not good for the young stake. Zniszczoł just seems to get to the individual match on Sunday.

A range of policlairs has begun. No one was happy. Well managed cargo in training, this time only gained 109 m Zniszczoł (113).

Last season's victory was over, but as the coach of the Polish bowlers fixed, his players can afford more. Every player can be improved – kamele stot. We've analyzed all the places we've been preserving since last season and we will try to free them. – said Austrian in an interview with


Horontsacher: With Scotch, we will try to free the reserves

Video: Eurosport Horontsacher: With Scotch, we will try to free the reserves

Our endeavor. The Poles started quietly, but the most important thing is that we are in front. 18 start qualification. The broadcast is already on Euro 1. Second training for Leye and then Fanneme and Clive.

Good at this time! 128.5 meters, 9th. The training ends by Żyła (eighth), kbaki (fourth).

Scotch stuck only from the scars at the top of the hill.

Stephen Lay finished 134 meters. Kubaki (127.5) made a very good effort.

Hula's four-meter correction, but not the most beautiful – 116 meters.

With an improvement of 0.5 meters, a steep 124 meters high.

The cats continue. The first series was 101.5 m bad and it has not been able to achieve much. The majej 100.5 meter has to be accelerated.

There are still 24 jumps in front of us, and the referees have decided to correct the upside down. From 10th to eleventh.

Huber remembers the good jumping. The padium is now behind at 127.5 meters.

Cuba Volni jumped to fifth position. The 120.5 meter tall is one of the best competitors.

Clemue is now quiet. No one can approach him. The alto all round, the second half.

Do not want to stop the clive. Take the lead again at 130 meters. Russian is missing out on high summer.

Season's first official jumps are qualifying and qualifying. We want to remind you of how beautiful winter last winter was.

Bad Zniszczoł (121). The remaining poles on the level of the first series.


Hula: Olympic Medal is the fulfillment of my dreams

Video: Eurosport Hula: Olympic Medal is the fulfillment of my dreams

As part of the break, we suggest a few words from Stephanus Hula.

Muralankan in the form. This time at 122 meters.

The start of the second trial in a moment.

The top ten players were to play from 10 to 15 steps, with ten to fifteen attempts. The wind will not help, but the conditions are okay. No tests found, behind 1m / s behind.

Summer Grand Prix Eugene Clemov completed his training. David Kubaki, the fourth highest ranked pole.

The average jump in the end of the first training series. 118.5 meters and 21 places.

David jumped for 128 minutes Bravo! The fourth time muff.

The time of the first ten players in the World Cup season. In it, Dawid Kubacki, of course in stock.

Stephan Hula's average jump (112m, now 34th).

Piotr Żyła gave his jump. Even though Oommen Chandy is out in trouble, 123.5 m

The magic coat descends. For a great deal of classification. 101.5 m – Forgetting.

And ears. 115 meters and Huber in the second.

Daniel Huber is referred to as a black horse in the Austrian era of Hanwald season.

This is the fifth place with 121.5 meters. On the head of a vague Russian head.

Try another white-red at a moment. Jack Volley is preparing for his effort.

Commas Stocks told us about them, but not just that.

Meanwhile, the nearby jumps in the whisla jam. After more than 132 meters, Eugene Klaus led the team

In the beginning of Priyankar season, the winners Thomas Morganston and Shen Hannveld spoke to Eusa Port. It is optimistic.

We have six Polish horses behind. No revelations yet. After sixteen attempts, Clemence Monska (117.5 meters and 3rd). At the end of the innings, Alexander Sancycosol (115), Tomas Pilche (113), Powellasks (112.5), Primiliya Kantikara (113) and Andrezi Stikla (102) were at the crease.

The official hill station (HS 134 meters) is 139 meters. The Austrian StepanCraft was the first to qualify for the World Cup in 2013 at Wisla.

According to Friday's predictions of training and eligibility, winds in Whistler have an average speed of 3 m However, on the mound, new wind farm covers need to be competitors without any problems. Temperature variation at 3 degrees Celsius.

The first training series was started at 16 o'clock. Two hours later, the qualifications have been scheduled. 70 contestants from 15 countries have been registered with the list. We saw twelve donkeys.

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