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Social Security Contribution in 2020 – Record Hiking. Will businesses not be able to collect themselves? [30.06.2019]


Social security contributions will increase significantly in 2020. Businessmen grab their heads. In the previous year, employee employment will be extremely expensive. 10% increase – The tribute power in the budget will be mainly collected from entrepreneurs. Health insurance is still unknown. However, we already know that businessmen will have to pay ZLS to PLN 1500.

Social Insurance Contribution in 2020 The record has increased

Zuse's contribution is not decidedly determined. For the following year, the enterprise sector results from government forecasting, with average wages.

Recently, legislators accepted anticipation of budget criteria for 2020. According to the forecast, the average remuneration in next year would be PLN 5277. Based on this, contributions were calculated:

  • The basis for the contribution rate is 60% of the average remuneration forecast for 2020.
  • According to the assumption, it will be PLN 3136.20.

The forecast of the budget act is taken into account for the final countdown.

Zeus Premium in 2020 What is terrible for the new forecasted businessmen?

What will be all the premiums next year? According to calculations

  • Pension contribution – 612.19 PLN (increase by 54.11 PLN compared to 2019);
  • Pension contribution – PLN 250.90 (increase by PLN 22.18);
  • Illness Contribution – PLN 76.84 (increased by PLN 6.79);
  • Accident Contribution – 52.37 PLN (Increased by 4.62 PLN);
  • Contribution to Labor Fund – PLN 76.84 (increased by PLN 6.79).

P.O. From Robert Cropnikie decided that the new Zus contribution would have a devastating effect on entrepreneurs:

This is a big shock for thousands of businesses. Matuja Morawi talks about the fact that she will give something to somebody, but on the other hand, she spends a large amount of money for the entrepreneurs. Zeus himself admits that this is a big jump to make all the promises of this government and more money than all the unfair costs.

The total value of Zus Social Security contribution in 2020 is about PLN 1445 per month or PLN 130 more.

Employers' climate is critical of Zus Premium's forecast. Small and medium-sized enterprises spokesman Adam Abramovic, supported the venture in a letter written to Prime Minister Matusz Morawi:

As long as there is a flat rate ZUS in Poland, it will destroy jobs and impede the small business. (…) With the announcement of a premium increase in 2020, there was a lot of fear on many micro entrepreneurs. Already, they rarely attach to the end. They do not want to shut down companies, because self-employment gives them pleasure and satisfaction.


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