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Square Enix suspends tournaments due to death threats against employees


Today, 13:15

Due to a death threat against employees, the game's publisher decided to cancel four Starving Paradox tournaments in Japan in the near future. This is another incident that has recently occurred in Square Enix.

Square Enix Gets Some Really Dedicated Antifan Nuns ... - Square Enix Cancel Tournaments Due To Death Threat Against Employees - News - 17/08/2019

Square Enix has earned some really dedicated antif s nuns …

Square Enix has canceled four slot machine tournaments Stroking Paradox. In which players fight future matches over which they control. Events were planned for this and the following weekend, but that won't happen The death threat to the entire management team.

More and more threats

In an official statement, Square Enix confirmed the reports and informed that she was working with police on the matter. For this reason, as part of preventive measures, it was decided to cancel four tournaments in Tokyo, Yokohama, Fukuoka, and Nagora City. The game developers also apologize to everyone who was waiting for these events.

This is the second installment of a series of threats to Square EnixGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Earlier this month, a man in Tokyo was arrested after threatening a company, which would repeat the Kyoto animation incident. Another man was caught in March. He had earlier threatened to kill company employees because he spent more than 200,000 yen or PLN 7,000 in one game, trying to unlock the item.

However, the matter is still back, as in September of last year, studio staff received about 30 e-mails in Japanese about "kill". Services are currently investigating whether these incidents are related in some way.

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