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Stores are closed on Sunday in 2018 [KIEDY, DATA, LISTA – 16.11.2018]


Stores will be closed on September 1, 2018

Draft Law on Ban on Sunday Trade The ban on commercials includes 39 days of closure of stores in 2018.

There is a final decision on ban on Sunday trade. The law session was adopted on this subject. The stores opened in two stores each Sunday in March 2018 – the last one month in 2019 – the last.

January 1, 2020 Trade ban will be imposed on Sunday every Sunday except seven a year Three Christmas and Last Sunday, when the shops are sold in January, April, June and August.

Ban on Sunday Trading Some are already inserting their hands – watch the video.

Stores are closed on Sunday in 2018

The ban on trade in 2018 will apply to:

January 1, Monday – leave
January 6, Saturday – three kings

Sunday, March 11
Monday to March 18
March 31, the hours of trading hours per hour

To say no
April 1 (Easter)
April 8
April 15
April 22

To do
May 13
May 20 (Pentecostal)

In June
June 10
June 17

>> For the following months, trade of trade of trade on the friends of academic >>>

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