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Sunday November 2018. When stores open? [lista – 18.11.2018]

According to the law, the trade is prohibited on Sundays next month. According to the law, the ban on trade on Sunday in the year 2018 applies to the days of the law – can be purchased only on the first and last Sundays without any obstacles. The ban on trade on Sunday is closed for 39 days. Stores will be shut down by 2018 as trade deficit is banned.

But next year, only one Sunday can be freed from trading bans, ultimately making full control of trading on Monday.

Ban on Sunday Trading Some are already inserting their hands – watch the video.

Which ban will be effected by the trade banning in November? Where to buy a trade ban on a Sunday? Below is a list of stores when the Trading Ban prohibited on Sunday.

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Four Sundays will be held in November 2018. Shops will close on two Sundays:

  • November 11 (Independence Day)
  • November 18

This means that we can make our shopping without any problems on either of the two Sundays. November 4, November 25th.

In the list of effective bills: the Sunday stores in 2018 are closed [KIEDY, DATA, LISTA]

Though shops were banned on Sunday, shops were opened.

On business days, we can stay in shopping, interiose, pharmacy or petrol station. The owner also has the smallest stores open behind the counter.

Let's go shopping at an ABC store on a Sunday trade ceremony. The shops that open every Sunday make themselves these chains. Jabber Stores have found a way to ban Sunday trade – they now work as post offices. The open time decision will be made by individual outlets.

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