Tuesday , July 27 2021

The EU will label non-organic food. Polish manufacturers will lose out early

Foods should be labeled as home appliances. Packaging includes information on how much energy was used for the product and the sources from which it came.

This is a new approach to environmental policy, as the activities so far have mainly focused on energy consumption and heavy industry. Meanwhile, food production poses a huge burden on the climate.

– This is a new field, it can be seen that the EC wants to learn how to evaluate the environmental impact, analysis, and others of food production. energy consumption and resources from which it originates – says Joanna M. Koviak-Pandera, President of Forum Energy and former Deputy Minister of the Environment, in an interview with Rzekzpospolita.

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As Rhizospolita has learned, the design of the new label has already followed a pilot phase in which different methods of verifying information have been tested. The European Commission is now seeking participants for a consultation program.

Although the project is in the early stages of development, Polish food manufacturers account for 80 percent. From their product they export to the EU markets, they already sound the alarm and calculate the potential loss.

– The main source of coal in Poland is solid coal. We will get far worse marks than those in France or Germany – says Rodr .guez Gantner, director of the Polish Federation of Food Producers in an interview with Rezekpospolita. – It is not fair, Polish food companies have zero impact on the zero interest area, they only bear the rising cost of rising prices.

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