Tuesday , January 31 2023

The house is broken. A rescue work is in progress


The Lelan king of Secylia eased a gas cylinder and evacuated 14 people from a rented house in Lesna. The building partially breaks down. There will be no sugarcane. The guard said earlier four people were there.

A spokesman for the state fire service provincial headquarters in Volkswagen, Daniel Pulse, hired 14 people. "We realized that there were fourteen people there, so nobody can defeat anyone," he said. Strauss said the rescue operations are progressing.

Evacuated 10 people from the building The State Fire Services Provision Fire Services Coordination Station Authority said four people have been looking for a back seat.

Two-storey building has been damaged, according to Rabbi. "It partially collapsed," he explained. He added that the gas cylinder would explode.

There are 18 theaters in the search and rescue group.

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