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The microphone Szpak is about the person whose year of death – Gwaded – Maxx News


Strauss is a very talented artist who is not afraid to express his feelings. Recently, he published a bedroom entrance, in which he mentioned a friend who died a year ago. The great musician thank them with great faith and support.

Difficult moments

One year after the death of a follower Mitch Suspak. On November 8, 2017, he was the most admired fan of his fans and the founder: Renata Nektarowska. How was a year ago appearing on Facebook profile?

"Renanoa Nektrovska passed away, with great sadness and sadness, and today she is the mother and founder of our fan club, and remains one of Micah's most loyal worshipers." Reynekak, you will live forever in our hearts.

Musicologist survived. He again came back at those moments.

"It was at the beginning of the city of Systosto, I met a woman who had a big impact, and the people around me, or part of the fan club, thank you for this outstanding faith in dialogue and support."

– wrote Szpak, and he added:

"Sometimes we see the angels who are allowed to get to know the bridges that pass through the bridle, and I know your finger is kept in pulse.


Renata Naturovska was in the life of Micas Saback from the beginning of his professional career. Initially, she became one of the many fans into music events, and was then the head of the official fancy club of the artist. After his death in black photos of his photos on the sour networking sites.

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