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The murder of a 14-year-old girl, Gopaula, How did this brutal crime happen?


On Friday morning, 49-year-old Sabinev P. Pontius, suspected of killing a 14-year-old father in Gogolenevu, near Bristol, Brissey, The police are arrested. The suspect went to a street and was a police officer. Prosecutor Jasky Mastels is now questioning the suspect at the district prosecutor's office in Wrestling. Murder, Sibignive P. For a long time he is sentenced to prison.

The Greater Poland police on Thursday afternoon arrested 49-year-old Zbigniew P. Brisso in the city of Briszio. He is suspected of killing his fourteenth child. In Gosnith district prosecutor's office has been questioned now.

Nicholas P's murderer was arrested on Friday morning at 14 o'clock. 7.

– A police officer on the streets of Brzezia informed the employee about his duty and held him in detention. An Inspector Viktopollosa police spokesman said the suspect was an accused in the police headquarters in Goshen. Andrej Borroi.

Following the discovery of the Cordoba brand of the Black Sea seat which was abandoned near Brezia, a policeman was a policeman.

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Source – Crombai: The Horror in Gogolewo. A 14-year-old boy died [ZDJĘCIA]

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