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"The reproduction of the Sassy Palace is beyond all political disputes"


The reconstruction of the Sassy Palace must be beyond any political dispute. I can not imagine anyone trying to pursue political interests in this reconstruction – President Andrzej Deira said.

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When Sunday's independence on Poland's 100th anniversary, the president signed the restructuring of the Saxon palace in Warsaw. A speech in the plot at the capital Joseph Pilsudski, President said, "The reconstructed Saxon Palace is a public building.

Deira, who said in her 24th anniversary, "No" to reproduce Zasei Palace.

I think the construction of the palace of Sassy will be no barrier

– said the president.

After the Second World War, the Royal Fort was reconstructed with the reconstruction of the Saxon palace.

It must be above all political disputes. I can not imagine anyone trying to play a political interest in the reconstruction of Saxon Palace

– said the president.

This is the Polish Ryson ITAT, a Polish debt to rebuild this palace

Dera was added.

Barrock Saxon Palace was founded in 1661 by Jan Andrejor Morse's soil, site and Sagmando and Shaf. During the period 1804-16, Morgan Chobin studied the Warsaw licenses in the palace. The chapin family lived on the second floor. Before the building of the Congress Party, it used square panels and military parades.

The castle was destroyed and rebuilt in the November 1838-42 riots. At that time, two independent buildings with international ports were created. The main palace was broken. The palace was constructed at the time and was associated with the nearby Sassy Garden. In 1864, Russian military authorities purchased the Peace Palace. Until 1915, it operated the Warsaw Mill District.

The General Staff of the Polish Army at the Shastri Palace during the war was there. In 1923, Prince Joseph Poniotowski stood in front of a memorial building. In 1925 the unknown Solidar's tomb was placed in colonnade. The front of the palace had a square area and a celebration in the church.

Saxon Palace was taken over by Wahramat in World War II. In 1940, Adolf Hitler was renamed Platts. On December 28, 1944, the German Soldiers dismissed the Warsaw and destroyed the Sassy Palace. The ruins of the Colonnadu near the tomb of an unknown Solidaridad survived.

During 2006-2008, the capital city of Warsaw conducted research on archeology and architecture. In 2007, the palace opened to the historical sites of the palace. They entered the Memorial Register. Investment in other city projects, including Maria Scholesovka-Currie Bridge construction, was stopped. Later, the cellars were filled.


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