Monday , May 29 2023

– The situation is apocalyptic. The leader of Italian Civil Protection summed up the effects of storms and violent storms


"The situation is apocalyptic, "the head of Italian civil defense, Angelo Borrelli, summed up the effects of recent storms and violent storms in the northern part of the country. Veneto and Trento destroyed huge forests, roads and buildings.

Following a visit to a deadly area due to a horrible weather, Borrelli said in Belluno:

We have to act immediately, because if we wait for the loss to count, we will start working within two months. They suffer from Italy, but in this area the situation is the most difficult. "

The Civil Protection Minister added:

The situation is apocalyptic, the roads are dead, high-tension columns are broken like the branches.

He reminded that the ocean in the northern valleys was 180 km / h. He ensured that he was in a crisis situation in the devastated areas.

Previously, Veneto Region authorities originally estimated the loss of the item in October and November to at least EUR 1 billion.

Significant damage has also been reported in Liguria.


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