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"Top Model". Daria Habbert wanting to be angry? Her question did not appeal to her opponent


"Top Model". The next episode of the show is behind us. At this time, participants reached Los Angeles. There they participated in the castings of LA fashion week. Unfortunately, Hubert forgets the compounds or business cards with image, name, metrics, and other basic information, the relationship to the agency. This is very important during the casting.

"Top Model". Dria urged Hubert

Daria knew that Duriyut Hubbott had no record. But in a joint petition, the designer did not fail to ask a problem with his colleague.

Do we now communicate with you? She asked.

Hubert was confused. This meant that there was a special complexity on the part of the friend.

She knew that Hubbette was not. Why would she not ask why they did not want?

Daria's question is … weak.

Ultimately, however, Hubert got four shots, and it was a very fruitful result. More on their account, 5 because only Aniya was present. No daria was found. Her turmoil is increasing, but it was the absence of Valentine's skills to her defeat, and she was expelled from the show due to the pending jargon.

"Top Model". Daria said she would not be leaving the program

Some have been criticized because of their favorite fall.

I do not understand, they quit regular bargaining, and they refused a very respectful girl.

Exactly … these whole cases are boring. It's still the same face, and still thinks it's good. Not bad for daria.

Daria grow up, but there is a bigger difference than the heads of all, it has good pictures, supports an elephant, and some are not trying to defend the body.

However, some responded to conversations about Daria's betrayal.

Finally! She walked unexpectedly. He does not have a bone, her hands disappeared. If my tongue is good, my tongue is improved.

Not a photodelal but the model. All of them need to teach them, especially those who need to walk, because the foundation.


Do you agree with the jury's opinion?


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