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Usyk knit, Glow Mocky scores – boxing


Oscar Oscar wrestled Tony Belva of Manchester United. Christopher Glockace, who defeated Masim Valasov in Chicago, won the WBO Interim Belt.

31-year-old Usainak even convinced most of the tremors. The show was again shown in the field of competitor – former world champion Tony Belwala of the time. The fighting took place under the royal arm of Ukraine.

In 2005, after midwives' master Bernard Hopkins, which failed with much of the US, Ukraine's Taylor is out of Ukraine.

It's a hard time

In Manchester, it's best in the first phase of the war. Later, Liverpool Boxer joined the musicianship of Asiatica. He said after the battle. Adonis Stevenson (David Hayek) has twice won the Heavyweight Champion.

However, at this point the Englishman fell into the boards. When he got up, he did not know which war was involved. On the right hand of the act, Uzeni expelled the left henics (Ukrainian left hand) at the eighth grade.

Millions of people earned more, but he promised he would return to the ring. – Finite ended. Tony Bellev is dead, Anthony was born, and time for other challenges. Furthermore, if I continue to fight, the wife has threatened to divorce her. I can not do it, and my family (she has three children) is very important to me – said after the sentence was pronounced.

If you confirm that you can read in the English media, Usyk will now move towards Heavy. He signed the three wars not only in the British islands but today one of the most powerful promoters, Eddie Hinn. – Now I do not have any rest, no injuries sustained, and a few months later we will return to the discussions, "said Usich.

London 2012 Olympic champion, world championship and amateuropa still remain in the tenth club. In September 2016, he received a Volvo Belt for Crossesop Glockace at the ergo Arena in Trissi. Last year, he joined the World Boxing Super Series Tournament in Berlin, Majoro Breedis, Rigo and Murat Garcívy in the final in March in Marco Håk. Heavyweight heavyweight champion

He has the opportunity to achieve similar achievements in the strongest category – this is the question that experts are asking now. Some people say the encounter with two meters will not be enough to weigh about 190 cm and 100 kilos. Especially auxiliary does not have a knockout effect. However, there is no vote in the polls – including Anthony Joshua and Dondo Wilder, because he will be faster and technologically advanced. He is a left-wing, if he strikes like a Belwa he will close them down.

One million dollars

Negotiations start and much more. But today it is third in the ranking of Ukraine, Terence Crawford and Saul Alvarez.

Officially, however, he is still a heavyweight boxer. Like the Suzuki Glockacc, which began with the second edition of the WBSS Tournament in Chicago with Maxim Wesov of Russia. Rightly exhausted. He had even ended the war. Paul won the interim WBO Belt (the real champion of this organization is Uisek). If he succeeds in the semi-finals, he can pay a million dollars fee to Merrius Biridis, who defeated Argentina Noel Michiel. Tito's winner will be able to make the final. He will get from his head.

The head says that two years ago, though they want to pay back, they can get money. This last concept is not correct, but WBSS should succeed. Bridis could face Ria at the end of February. Cuban was like Urani Dorticus. Cuban won with Mattes Mandastak in Orlanda.

They can not see anything

When Glovicky won the judge in Chicago, he had a big box in the dispute, but the watch, if this fight had been 12 rounds, it could have happened, but SPP's ten rounds lasted. The verdict to succeed him is not a corruption – "Espila" deserves a little advantage. The watch sent it out of his hand, so he owes it. The other thing is that they can not see anything like a glue like a giant tunnel on both sides. Ring, Ring not only (it was also hot), it was not enough to look at the top of the box in such a box. ©?

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