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What Manicom does not like in Galaxy Note 10? Here are three of his biggest weaknesses

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the cheapest of the Note 10 family smartphones, which has been stripped of some solutions in relation to its older, imperfect brother. An interesting draw was spotted on Reddit, showing what the Galaxy Note 10 lacks in maniacom. It is important that these items can be found in Galaxy Note 9.

This year, Samsung introduced not just one, but two smartphones in the Note series for the first time in history. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 This is the basic version, smaller and more streamlined Galaxy Note 10+, But thanks for it remarkably cheap.

Despite this, not everyone seems to understand the design of the Galaxy Note 10, and there are those who are not satisfied with this model, mainly for three reasons, though more can be found.

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What is missing in Galaxy Note 10?

Both of the weaknesses shown are related to comparison with the Galaxy Note 10+, and one combines these two smartphones. I'll start with that because it's "especially close to my heart". That's about it Absence of a 3.5mm jack headphone connector, Of which Samsung – in my opinion – explained it quite absurdly. You will know my opinion on this by clicking the link below and reading the article:

Why not have a 3.5mm jack connector in Galaxy Note 10? Samsung's answer would make me laugh

To begin with the Galaxy Note 10+, it mainly points out No memory card slotGeneral Chat Chat Lounge While the Galaxy Note 10 only appears in the version with 256 GB of built-in memory, this is a fantastic section Plus There is an additional variant with 512GB of data space. The inability to expand memory or buy a variant with more of them can upset someone.

Here's the third of the most popular answers – which some may wonder – Full HD + screen instead of QHD +General Chat Chat Lounge I know there are people who don't make sense in resolutions higher than 1080p, but it's worth noting that we're dealing with a pencil matrix, which, even in so-called diamonds, doesn't provide the same intensity as classic IPS.

Some even suggest that the 1440p screen has last year's Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and has been every Samsung flagship since 2015. I suspect it would be easy to forgive this incomplete of the Galaxy Note 10, if the price is significantly lower, and so it is worth noting that the cheaper Galaxy Note 9 by some Zelato is not a better choice, especially in the 8/512GB version. General Chat Chat Lounge

Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+ or ​​Galaxy Note 9? If you want to buy a Samsung flagship with style, which model would you choose?

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