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Wisla Craco President Margen sirata: I am not of captain skaters


Is it true that Vishla Karaak SA is on the verge of bankruptcy at this moment?

– Club status is very difficult, but we do not think about bad situations, we only focus on getting financial benefits. Every way possible – by selling the company's shares and investor or sponsorship agreement.

Please describe how dramatic the current position of football company is. Is it true that after four months of the club is behind the payments to footballers and training staff? Employees are also left? If so, how big?

It's true that the club is back with a payment. We are different and we do everything we can to delay it as soon as possible. I know that fans and journalists are interested in how to delay employees' individual groups. However, such a detailed information release to VISLLA can only be damaged. Referring to ongoing discussions in social media, I can say that for some months there is no compensation for the board, game director and staff. Need help, higher voting is needed in the forthcoming matches. I work with dedicated people who are familiar with many issues. This is also Vishva fans, so now we all are fighting for it. In July, when the crisis started and we fought for the stadium, the employees began to clearly and clearly tell me that we are together, we have fought together. Supporters also. This fight takes a lot of time and it must end.

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– There are adjustments with the players, what terms will the remaining payments?

Yes They are reported on a regular basis. They know that it is a difficult time. They are waiting for certain dates and we will give them as soon as possible. The fact is that despite many difficult moments, they are with the club.

– Did a footballer request a payment because of the club's fault and sent a letter on the end of the contract?

The players are very respected. They are in the difficult times with the club. She is a professional team. At the moment, there is no contract risk. I am very grateful for the attitude that I am presenting. All of us are always together.

– What is the amount of money a football company has? What institutions? What are the alternatives to paying this liability?

– That PLN is 20 million, which has been missing for years, so that the company can work properly. With the departure of Tele-Phoenica, the company's maximum – earnings from the Sponsorship Agreement – the reciprocity of the contract with Tele-Phoenica as well as the companies associated with it were disadvantaged. It has several million Zloties. Sponsors have received "cover" during almost one-and-a-quarter times of this amount. Last year we were able to transfer many, for which the company's operations were not threatened. The result of the game was not as a victim as a result. However, this year brought, let's call it a stadium crisis. The budget allocated for the day-to-day operations of the company was spent on the remaining cost of the city. It is a million złoties that will schedule financial liquidity. I realize that this city is the result of the payment of the agreed amount of money. However, with a constant loss on the cash desk, each cost is analyzed and often you have to choose what to repay.

– Does renting a sum paid to the city, along with Jigelionia Bialstok and Lech P posion, about renting Visva Stadium and two near city matches?

– All the amount is paid on time due to the city related to match organization. All installments made from contracts ended with the city are also paid for that day. It is essential because otherwise the matches can not be played. This is the condition of the contract. However, we're losing the city for two-month rent for office space. This is approximately 50,000 PLN. Rent for office space is covered by a separate contract.

Is there a real danger that Vissla Karaoke will not end the season in the first league, and the match against Lech Possession will remain in this category for many years?

– It's time to stop and one hundred percent must be used at this time to stop this situation. Everyone's involved. Supervisor organizations, boards, supporters, employees. We must not doubt, we must fight.

– Is there one scenario worried that TS Wisła will establish a new company or organization that will lead the team in the 4th league season?

– There is no time for this consideration.

– How are all sales conversations in part or Wisla SA going? Whom do you talk to?

– We negotiate with five interested parties. Three of them are foreign capital. Since July 2017, we are searching for an active investor. Earlier, for a year, on the basis of the power of attorney, the investor sought the plenipotentiary designated by the previous owner, Tele-Phoenica.

– What is the offer of English company Noble Capital Partners Ltd.? And what is the conversation with English?

– We compel ourselves to maintain complete confidentiality. Break the provision of this agreement will result in breaking the conversation. This is a case of a privacy party that requests such privacy.

– What are the interactions with other people, who want to take their wish busy Vista: Pawel Grecik, Wojciech Quitn, Rafal Zytech?

– We are in constant touch with these people, because they are very involved in helping Vishwao, for which I once again thank them. Together, we're looking for the best solution. If this happens, we will inform you immediately.

– Are there other options to get out of this dramatic situation?

– We are constantly working on many fronts to get out of this situation.

– Negotiations with Paul Bragged Finally Finish? If so, why did they fail?

– Officially, this conversation has not broken. We are also in touch.

– A lot was said about cooperating with people coming from the environment of Pil Michalski and "Wisła shark", keeping in mind the fact that you are involved with the time, did you consider dismissal? Do not you think it is high time that you have clearly been separated from this environment and its impact on the club?

There is so much anger against me that I could have been able to do some different things. I admit and apologize. If it is good for Vishva, then I am ready to act as President. However, it will not be a decision determined by Paul Mekhalsky or any other environment. I have no relation with this gentleman or this environment. I am responding to the general meeting of the shareholders and the supervisor board. Informal, however, the responsibility of fans who love this club is the same. At this moment I will not resign, I'm not of Captain Skaters.

Why did you decide to talk to a journalist, ignoring the decision to talk to the Visco journalist?

– I gave our first interview to the portal powered by our sponsor chief LV Beat. We want to cut the co-operation with this sponsor by risking the risk. I gave other interviews to nationwide media, because in these media there was information that affected our reputation. This is not against the local media. There is no real time to interview at such a time of crisis. This is not a contamination or a president's will. Fans were respected to provide information about their position and it has happened. Interviews may have to wait.

– Wasco Kraco claimed that you made the announcement, editor Szamon Jadzak, TVN or author of the report on this station?

– The moment to enter action is an element of the strategy of the process that has not been disclosed. I am supporting what I have said so far on this subject. Nothing has changed. The court will decide.

– Are there any negotiations with Pavel Milekalski's PliPontentary about terminating the lease agreement for "White Star Power" Gym? If so, T.S. How do people with Visvais contact the tenant of the place where they work in the gym?

– Visva Sports Association is in touch with a tenant's attorney. We will tell you how to terminate the contract immediately.

Is it true that Pavel Mikhalski was appointed by Upanishad Vistula? And if so, in what capacity? Is it true that he is a playopotentiary of Pavel Mikalsky's company?

– Mr. As with the personal life of Michalsky and in the case of termination of contract, I do not work with anybody and proxy against the professional attorney who offers them outside of the contract. The company and TS accounting department have been the same people for many years. After the change of TS Wisła's management board in 2015 and after the company's acquisition – nothing has changed.

– Did you talk to this woman or talk about the termination of contract to rent a room for "White Star Power" gym?

– My negotiations are conducted through the negotiation sports management board's management board. As I have already said, there is a professional attorney who does business in public trust. It's a tenant attorney.

– Pisl Mikalsky, related to the Gym procedures in Tbilisson Hall, TS Is the only party with Visva?

– Mr Michalski, who runs a business, is a runner who runs the gym. It is the sole tenant.

– Why did Wisła management guarantee warrant for robbers, guaranteed them jobs in the club?

– He did not guarantee, but only he suggested that he would be able to resume after leaving his work. The important thing is that this promise of returning to work has never been understood.

– Why did Wisła's management allow people to come up with a decision that could be accessed in the admissions database of fans in the ticket office?

– We can not ask for cash-register certificates from the cashier. People access Fan zones in database access. Cashiers have limited rights.

– People associated with "Sharks" have unlimited access to the President's Box and VIP sector in the VISLA KRACO match, and how can the terrorist Ruiz Charzov represent the people involved with "Psycho Fence"? Who is responsible for checking the people sitting in this lodge?

– It is not true that anyone has unlimited access to the President's Box or VIP area. To enter a VIP zone, you must purchase a ticket or be invited by one of the Skybox tenants.

– More than 40 flags of GKS Couture stolen by fans of Ruch Charzov, TS How is it possible that Wisla's house is hidden? In an interview with you, I did a few months ago (immediately under the CBAP campaign), you claimed that she has no knowledge on this subject. However, how it is possible, however, in light of new facts, even photographs, which can be clearly seen in T. S. Are the flags specified on the motherboard of Wisla Hall?

– Nobody has any knowledge in the club. Otherwise it will never happen. Process for entering a club room has been tightened. We used magnetic locks The keys are issued by Porter to the authorized person who has registered with the registers for other rooms.

Is it true that the group "Sharks" has earned profits from the gadgets sold in the official stores of the Vista River (it comes in both TS Wisła and Wisla Croca SA)?

– TS Wisława does not run any store. Slap Wiślacki is affiliated with Świat company and all income has been settled in accordance with the law, providing a joint stock company to carry out full accounting. Second Solution is not possible. Wisla Hall Shop is run by the Wisla Croquo Fan Association. It pays TS for a monthly rent and trademark license.

Is it true that the events held by the "Sharks" group took place in the club's headquarters? If so, who approved it?

– This question is the thesis that I know about an informal group, which is not true. I have never faced a situation that someone will organize events that are not related to the General Action of the Visa Sports Society.

– Is it true that "sharks" or companies associated with their families group for example Has Viejo provided or provided services to clean up the facility after the catering or match in the match?

– I will re-establish the thesis contained in the question and will deny it again. All services for Visa Kruco are provided by the operating companies operating in the market and the services offered are preferred using the price and quality criteria. Non-professional criteria will not determine whoever they may be.

What were the real reasons for the resignation of Demian Duke in place of Vice President of VISA SA? Is it true that after resigning to the club in the letter, he resigned, where he threatened an unknown anonymous by announcing the connection with strangers?

– આ સાચું નથી. પત્ર કોઈ વાંધો નથી. કોઈપણ રીતે, ક્લબ સહિતના અન્ય લોકો, મને પણ શામેલ છે, એ જ પત્રના સ્વરૂપમાં ધમકીઓ પણ મળી છે. અમે વકીલની ઑફિસમાં ગુના નોટિસ દાખલ કરી છે. ડેમિઅને તેમના સત્તાવાર નિવેદનમાં આપેલા કારણોસર રાજીનામું આપ્યું હતું.

– ટી.એસ. વિસલાના મેનેજમેન્ટે માંગ કરી હતી કે "દુકાત કોનફિડેન્ટ" સંદેશવાળા ફોટોના પાવેલ મીકાલ્સ્કી દ્વારા સોશિયલ મીડિયામાં પ્રકાશન પછી ડેમિયન ડુકાતે સોસાયટીના મેનેજમેન્ટ બોર્ડમાં સભ્યપદમાંથી પાછી ખેંચી લીધી હતી?

– ના, તેણે તેની માંગ કરી નહોતી. તે એક સ્વાયત્ત નિર્ણય હતો, તે અમને વિઝ્લા સ્પોર્ટ એસોસિયેશનના મેનેજમેન્ટ બોર્ડની નિયમિત સભાઓમાં આપવામાં આવ્યો હતો.

– શું તમે પહેલાથી નક્કી કર્યું છે કે ડિસેમ્બર 2016 માં ક્રાકોના ડર્બી પહેલાં ક્રિયા માટે કોણ જવાબદાર છે, જ્યારે ફૂટબોલર્સ ટીચર્ટમાં રુચ ફેન માટે "ડુડેક" ના ઉપનામ સાથે સપોર્ટ સાથે ગરમ થવા ગયા હતા? જેમ કે તે જાણીતું છે, તેવું બહાર આવ્યું છે કે ટ્રાફિક અકસ્માતમાં ટેકેદાર ઇજાગ્રસ્ત થયો ન હતો, તે પછી જાણ કરવામાં આવ્યો હતો અને ગેંગસ્ટર યુદ્ધ દરમિયાન. શું આ સામાન્ય છે કે આ પ્રકારની ક્રિયામાં ક્લબ સામેલ છે? Wisła Kraków શું કરવા માટે તે કારણે?

– સમસ્યા એ છે કે તમે નથી જાણતા. અમે હવે જાહેરમાં "દોષિત" કાર્યવાહી અને લંચની તપાસ કરીશું નહીં. એવું માનવું કે આવા વ્યક્તિને સત્તાવાર રીતે બોર્ડથી અધિકૃત જ્ઞાન આપવામાં આવ્યું હતું. અમે ઘણી મહાન પહેલમાં સામેલ છીએ, જેના માટે હું પ્રચારને પ્રોત્સાહિત કરું છું. જાગીલિઓનિયાની સાથેની મેચમાં "અમે એક બાઉલ વગાડીશું" તે ક્રિયાનું સમાપ્ત થશે. અમે એક નવીન પ્રોજેક્ટ "Wiślackie generacji" શરૂ કર્યો છે, જેમાં અમે વિસ્ટુલાના બધા યુવાન સમર્થકોને આમંત્રણ આપીએ છીએ. આ એક સાચી પહેલ છે, જેનો હેતુ ટેકેદારોની નવી પેઢી વધારવાનો છે. હરીફ સંદેશ દ્વારા તેમની ટીમને સંબોધિત હરીફને ટેકો આપવાનું શીખવું. ઉચિત રમત શીખો અને બતાવો કે આનંદ આપવું તે લડાઈ નથી જે લડાઈ લડશે, પરંતુ જે મૂલ્યો આપણને દરરોજ સાથે લેવી જોઈએ. બે વર્ષ પહેલાં ચેરિટી ઇવેન્ટની ચર્ચા કરવા માટે કોઈ કારણ નથી. જો તે ભૂલ હતી, તો અમે તારણ કાઢ્યું. હવે ક્લબ મહત્વનું છે. આગામી મેચો માટે સંપૂર્ણ સ્ટેન્ડ મહત્વપૂર્ણ છે. ચાલો બતાવીએ કે વિસલ્લા કઈ શક્તિ છે. તેનો અર્થ કેટલો છે. રોકાણકારો સાથે ચાલુ વાટાઘાટો દરમિયાન આ અત્યંત અગત્યનું છે.

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