Friday , January 27 2023

Without it there would have been no Bidronka. Alessio Alexandre Soares dos Santos is dead


The man died on Friday. He has been struggling with cancer for years. Bloomberg says the information about the entrepreneur's death was provided by his family spokesman, Sara Miranda.

Source Dos Santos operated the Jeronimo Martins sales network in 1968-2013. His company, which was initially a small wine and corn shop in Lisbon, has grown in size to the largest retailer in Portugal and Poland.

Outside of Poland, Jeronimo Martins also operates in Colombia today. In the Dos Santos family hometown, the company owns Pingo Dos chain stores and Richeo wholesalers.

In 2018, the family of Alicia Alicio Alexander Source dos Santos was one of the richest families in Portugal. Its assets are estimated at 3..4 billion.

Bidronka will end June with 2,916 stores. In the first half of the year, it opened 27 new stores and closed 11 old stores, meaning it has grown from 16 outlets.

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LogicianHe did not lead millions to the grave. So let's have fun every day. Property is not everything. Have a great day 🙂

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SadnessKind man, thank him I have something to eat good and cheap …

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PitBiedra is a Polish network that resells in Portuguese.

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