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You have not heard of any such performance yet. Moving this gift … video


In the 100 years of the independence of our country, the Polles were presented to the Lithuanians. Our song, they made … Lithuanian loco motomes.

Litviv Railway was also awarded a prize in the name of "Livios Gesellankenia" as part of the Independence Day celebration of the Portuguese Republic of Poland. Lithuania Carrier, who sang a national anthem during the September month of locomotives,

The original performance was made by Maestro Zbigniew Lewicki.

We want all the pops on this important day. Poland is an important business partner for us today, especially when our countries are linked to the Rail Baltara railway line. The national anthem with the sound of locomotts which express the company's attitude. We believe "nonstandard" solutions, we match the uniformity of past, we are a modern partner for our clients

– said Manzas Bartuska, company general director of "Lietuvos geležinkeliai".

The conductor of the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Violin Wadgon or Conservatoire took over the task of extracting a unified sound system from seven locomotives.

First of all, I want a wish – I am literary and that's why this holiday is important to me

– said the musician who stopped the locomotive vehicle. – The conditions of work made me more attractive – technically more than usual – he added.

When the piece ended, the conductor felt like a nineteenth century.

We use a baton to see a conductor. I use it every day. I was behaving like reading this violin at this time – it was normal during the 19th century. Even Johann Strauss has immortalized a violin as a conductor

– c. Lewicki said.

This process was not easy, and the entire team should focus on it. Company director says "Lietuvos geležinkeliai", The highest effort is to choose locomotives and different tones of their voice. The preparations for the implementation of this project lasted for more than a month.

– Locomotives were carefully selected using different tones of sounds on all the trains that had passengers and goods. This is a very difficult issue, but the end result was wonderful to us. Lithuania How many louds and keys have so far not seen in Lithuania railway? Of course, we chose the best music engineers – Mer. Bartukussa's preparations talked about the scene.

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