Wednesday , July 28 2021

Zbigniew Corpolyvesky is not alive. Actor and presenter was 84 years old

Zbigniew Coprolsky was born on September 5, 1934, in TCS. He was an actor, presenter, director and stage artist.

He has performed at concerts of the band such as Rolling Stones (1967) and The Animals (1965). Over the years, he has acted overseas with Jerzy Poomsky, Irina Kaviatkoska and life partner – Irina's Center. He wrote satirical texts for cabets such as Hanka Baidika and "Egida" and "Dudek".

So a few years ago, he talked about his introduction with Hank Bidika:

In the 1980s, with Tedesz Ross, he ran a "Lauda" satirical program in Polish television. Before retirement, he took the leadership of Warsaw Syrena theater.

5 years ago, Zyggnov Corpowersky was awarded the bronze medal "Zasuzni's Kulturz Gloria Artes".

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