Friday , August 19 2022

7,500 euros in RTP-TV media are cleaned


54-year-old Pinto, who is the Deputy Director of RTP, will get 7 million euros each. SC, Chief Minister. The contract between the station's management and the journalist includes a car (fuel, maintenance guaranteed), entertainment expenses and mobile phones. RTP is not commenting.

Recent information is not satisfied with the Civil Incorporated Library. His friends Maria Flore Pedrosso and Antonio Jose Tecseira were invited to join public television. However, this recruitment was announced last Friday with Helena Garido 9, creates a revolt and arrogance in the RTP. Workers are spending money from a bank when hundreds of slave workers join in ranks and the company's pay has been frozen for 10 years.

This Thursday, which is the day Chief Minister The government has not yet officially notified two overseas contracts (that is why the letter of RTP's president Gopal Rais was sent to this request), the station was announced and finally, the application was sent to the opening of the state. Remember that if executives are not authorized, it prevents the RTP from hiring from 2012. This has happened four times in the last two years.

The next week Ministry of Culture Minister Grass Fonskaka promises to accept the members of the workers' commission and those who are at risk. Two trials are already going on. This is one of the topics on the table. Related Chief Minister, Did not pinpoint Pinto Pinto until the edition was closed.

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