Thursday , July 29 2021

Accepting damages to relatives of victims of Marcelo Borba

The President of the Republic believes that after evidence of the number of victims of the 255's fall in Borba and the recovery of bodies, it will reach the location of repairs, potential responsibilities and relatives.

"It is clear that the public road, the public highway, will not come without the reasons for what happened, and when the reasons for the happenings will be decided, one moment will come," said Marcelo Ribello di Sousa.

Speaking at the Institute of Employment and Professional Training in Lisbon, head of state, added: "This means two things: first of all, the recovery of the relatives of the victims, which seems obvious, the responsibility of the causes of what happened."

Asked whether he can understand that the state has failed in this case, the President of the Republic replied: "Well, the answer to this question is that, of course, that which is going on will be decided by inquiry, naturally, which is being inquired Of them. "

Marcelo Ribello de Susa expressed the certainty that "this will be verified, apparently, and will be checked at a good time". "I have no doubt," he said.

When asked if there is a time limit for this process, the head of state declared: "I think the necessary investigation by that is the limit."

"Now, I did not want to spoil the situation of those people who are very intense in the stages of trying to determine the number of victims and tries to recover the bodies."

In response to the reporters, about the collapse of a part of the road in Borba of Evoa district, on Monday, Marcelo Ribello de Sousa, in fact, "has begun to thank the people who are capable enough." Work day and night to find the bodies of victims and try to recover them. "

The President of the Republic, who went to the place on Tuesday, described this work as "the insane work of many organizations" and on the other hand, "the relatives of the victims feel or feel the pain of the people, and friends and the area and communities that experience this drama very intensely doing. "

According to his view, this is a "priority issue on this occasion", but the facts, responsibilities and the recovery of victims are established, "the second phase after completion of this stage".

"The moment is still a painful time, waiting to make sure that the person who is missing is a victim of death and to recover his body, I know how important it is to families," he asserted.

The head of the state had a fire last year, in which more than 100 people were killed.

He said, "When I was able to see what happened when it was fireworks, and when families were required to mourn the bodies of their relatives – which is often possible, at other times it is not possible."

Considering the fall of the road in the morning of 255 in Borba, Marcelo Ribello de Sousa twice said "in the second moment" is necessary to "determine the reasons for what happened".

"First of all, in any way – if you love your loved ones, do not ever give compensation for losing their relatives – the compensation for relatives of the victims of death, at the same time," the determination of potential responsibilities for the reasons for what happened. "

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