Thursday , July 29 2021

Blitz – Tim Bernards, who came to the angel super stock to start: A star was born

When he was in Portugal in June, For four popular concerts, Tim Bernardes left the impression of becoming a musician on the way to some indie stardom. After Tivoli, tonight, Portugal will not be participating from its heart and possibly a future tourism plan. A little over an hour (Brazilian span slightly longer than the time of the end, announced that it will play until the "big forces" stop it), the author of "resume" showed all the immense talent Developing from an early age, Attracted audiences with his first, acclaimed, solo album songs, but accomplished a generous Brazilian tradition featuring three famous visits to showcase their "other jobs", band O Terno, and four wonderful versions. Through the suffering of other artists in the world, what is done well in their country.

For Blitz, Tim Bernards explained, More than the faithful reproduction of the songs of "Remakers", the last year's famous album, these glasses are "musician shows", in which absence of disk arrangements is given more "confidence" returns. Strictly speaking with the sound, Tim Bernards goes ahead and calls them "solitude"; She was born in a solitary atmosphere (night in the mood of her room), "Resomasser", and she is in solitary confinement that her songs are now divided with fun audiences.

A piano and two electric guitarists, alone on stage with Paulista, are fun and effective in conversation with people, present themselves in Tivoli under the usual light of the lamp placed on their stains and sunsets. Songs (& # 39; Callem & # 39 ;, The Glittering Version of Jared McLean & # 39; Hick's & # 39;), in which they can sing for the most complete panumbra a few seconds – and the darkness is always suspended from every note and every word, with the celebrated silence of the audience. Is performed.

It does not seem that Tim Bernards is the one Artist Extreme tasting, unable to proceed to a teenager. The singer-songwriter is given a gift with a virtuous voice, which manifests with ease without exhibition and easily, the song-songwriter is so attractive to the most sad songs – & # 39; Ila & # 39;, essay on the most innocent female status , Where the letter breathes – like us & # 39; hiccups & # 39; You have to talk about, which is & # 39; Cleanex & # 39; The best lyrics with expression, in which our host makes more rocky rumble, immediately returned by the captured and cheerful audience.

A theatrical unit (unreliable love anxiety), "Remakeer" is an old-time album, it is a rare bird: a disc, a little noise and a piano or a beautifully arranged guitar on the stage, it does not lose quality in any of the methods, And the author always wants that he gets the most with his art: a particularly personal and intimate thing, but it is easy to get along with an unknown audience. Need to be made, those whose songs have been reviewed and is thrilled with the performance of the night, night night, have much pure talent as passionate delivery.

Timolie has opened the door to "create the inner search process, and live" doors, and various "chapters" of "resume" – 'Little Bay', making his room ("I've chosen this Airbenb", he jokes) Little, & # 39; I wanted to change & # 39 ;, & # 39; na & # 39; … – and the handpicked version (in addition to the sobes, by 'Black Sabbath' & # 39; Change & # 39; by Brazilian Belchior & # 39; Parallelas & # 39; and & # 39; Lucia Luluja & # 39; The Portuguese wrote a beautiful page of his relationship with the phases.

There is also its band theme Re-edit next year, Was greeted with astonishing singers: After completing the concert, after Volta was actually finished, an incorrect attempt for an encore and the & # 39; The Oldest History in the World & # 39; (Which is what we want is like anyone / wants that anyone would like us & # 39;) to break the last resistance to the tissues.

Goodbye, such as at the start of "OE" in the night, & # 39; resume & # 39 ;. On the piano, Tim Bernards was delicate, dusty, brighter by closing its narrative arch of "Composer Show". He did not get rid of a brave persistent anxiety and all his weapons were well deserved – we were lucky around him.

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