Monday , August 2 2021

Boca Juniors asks Leibertadores champion title without playing – International

After the serious events on Saturday, the game is scheduled for Argentina (20 in Lisbon in 17), but Boca Juniors is studying all the possibilities and even without a single game.
On Sunday night, after Boca's president, Danielle Angelique suspended for Sunday's meeting, on the basis of the 8th chapter of the Congball Regulation, requested this request, which states that the club should be responsible for such incidents.

In 2015, Bo Bona Juniors was made inappropriate by Libertadors because of the attacks of pepper gas by fans inside La Bombonera. Now, they accept that whatever happened outside the monumental can happen only.

The long-awaited River-Boca at El Monumental, scheduled for Saturday, promised to be a significant sport. But what one party will become, it has become the second page yet to be ashamed of football.

Before the meeting was stopped by Superclassic yesterday, a number of incidents: Boca's bus was escorted by a large police squad (20 bikes), but the supporters of the river stoned to the stadium when the car stashed, broken glass and injured some. Players. The driver was also hit, who was pushing the driver to drive the bus in the garage.

The worst thing is that the police is trying to spread the crowd with pepper spray, ultimately putting the blacks in a bad position due to the material being entered by a broken glass.

At the time of the arrival of the resort, some players, such as Ventop Abilah, Cardo, Carlos Tavaz and Almenden, have been violated, while Pablo Perez was released from the scraper in his eye and then taken to a hospital. Jara had a superficial cut on the right foot already.

The party quickly panicked inside the Boca Juniors bus

There was a clash between the police and the supporters outside the stadium – many people filed a batch without a ticket or without a fake ticket – a solution was found in the problem. Boca's President (Daniel Angelique), the river (Rodolfo D'Onofrio), Conbabol (Alejandro Dominges) and FIFA (Xiannie Infiniti) met for several hours, then pressed for the classic performance. "Boca players have become victims of surface skin.

Shocking: Woman puts torch around the child's waist

Due to this situation, there is no reason for suspension of the game. "But Conmball said that the government has stopped endorsing today (8 o'clock) without support on the bench by decision, even though the condom and river effort is in the opposite position.

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