Friday , August 19 2022

Bol – John Lennon Killer says that the movie "


Mark D. Chapman expressed regret that he would be remembered for his life in old bet. But it did not give anything.

On Friday, a transcript of the latest Probation Case from Mark David Chapman, the murder of John Lenin, founder of Berlin, was released.

This suggestion again denied. This is the 10th time when Chapman argued for his release.

In the same case, Chapman regretted his work again. Now he knows what is "shameful" and expresses the shocking concern that "one year goes by."

The commission members did not want the parole to be released from the jail in the 63-year-old prison.

Mark David Chapman explained that John Lenon was "an incredible" person. He was suspicious about the life of a former batail in New York on December 8, 1980

"I have already made a record, he has written it down and you are going home," he said, "just before the murder, we are meeting with John Lennon." But I can not come home, "he said.

In 2020, Chapman asked a new audience.

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