Monday , June 5 2023

BPN Puasa Flores. Arguidos "played with citizen's money" – the country


The criminals labeled "a very large amount of illegal" criminals, "the bank and its rulers believed in the money and play of the original citizen."

Judge Maria Jana Grassiso argues that the "big" fraud has taken place in the case of Olivier Costa that "this behavior is not going to be punished, using money misused, shameless use".

The judge said that after he was brought to the top of the High Court, he had "proved facts" and that the people outside the law were shamelessly disrespectful. The Secretary of State for Oilaeira Costa, the State Department of Finance and the Banco de Portugal member were sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.

As regards the factors, the age of the judiciary was carried out (aged 83), the health status of Banco Pogo's former president was decisive. Out of the court, Oliviera and Costa's lawyer will prove to be guilty and will appeal the appeal appeal to justice.
"Opportunity and Greed"

For Arlindo de Carvalho, six years of imprisonment, fraud and tax evasion. The court observed that former Health Secretary and former State Secretary for Social Security had "conducted opportunistic, greedy and inappropriate behavior". Approximately two million euros benefited from the position of "Iron Head". Business.

João Nabais, the lawyer of Arlindo de Carvalho, said opposition leader Jose Neeto, that he was "not responsible for BPN's management" and "business partners of the Riccardo Oliviera."

Foscisco Sanchez, Louis Capricrozo, Antonio Coloho Marino (former BPN Administrators), Jose Neto, Shareholder's shareholders of Arlindo de Caravo in Real Estate business, BPN's shareholder Joseph Mon Verde, fraud and tax fraud have effectively blocked.

Ricardo Oliviera, BPN is a real estate businessman and shareholder, the only one who can avoid crimes such as fraud and tax fraud. Finally, I can not tell you about the suffering that he suffered for ten years. However, the court said he had paid for € 5 million in security.

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