Wednesday , September 28 2022

Carlos Ghos to use Nissan's funding to cover personal losses – The Economic Journal


Japan Agency Qyodo reported on Tuesday that Carlos Ghos, former president of Nissan Motor, will have to use the funds to lose 13.2 million euros of personal investment from the Japanese company.

According to the agency, Ghos had to face such losses during the financial crisis of 2008.

This apocalypse joins the series of financial misconduct, which in the recent years has resulted in the detention of the alleged 19 November.

Ghosse, waiting for details of the charges in Tokyo prison, was also processed in Nissan's president and Japanese company Mitsubishi.

On Sunday, Renault undertook an internal investigation of the compensation received from Ghose, who is also the executive chairman of the French company, and the & # 39; Architect & # 39; Is there.

Ghosn was also arrested by his main associate, North American Greg Kelly.

According to information released by the public CNH today morning, Carlos rejected Ghosens accusations to hide the company's revenue and poor management.

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