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Christmas Chronicles – Critical Plane

The seventh art snake was never before Santa Claus in the history of Placecane. And the fact is that Woot Arp is a good old man Christmas Chronicles, The latest Christmas movie (though it was introduced in Thanksgiving) Of Netflix, it's enough for those who deserve to be rewarded. It's not surprising, in fact, that fact, but it's uncertain with some good times in 104 minutes and has a nice end to the end.

The long 20 hours of the long time without Stuntman Mike are used to present the Peers family with the past Christmas filming, as long as we have two children, Teddy (Judas Lewis), Big and Kate (Darby Camp), until 11, 11, after his father's death They are choosing rare moments. Mother, Claire (from Kimberly Williams-Piesley, Perpetual Anne, from Woman's father), Natalie has to be shifted in the night and the children are finished, of course, Santa looks (living by the ego) and in the excitement, causes a disaster, which means the end of the Memorial date in the year. Two and more St. Nicholas were then set to solve problems – broken slugs, lost toys and scattered throughout the reinders – during various Chicago adventures.

The order of this type of product usually does not shine through the technical choices and is done, the director is Clay Katies, whose only previous experience was not very bad. Angry Birds: The Movie And the screenwriter, Matt Lieberman, is the first time sailor on this capability, do not know how to douse the story of both of them, which sometimes have funny flashing, most of the time, creative dragons based on drag or drift or painful exposure texts and smallest costumes , As well as some graphics and some other moments in computer graphics, such as Kate's Gift Bag in a TV Facade and it is the story of the arrival of Noel's house. But most of the time, the rendering of images is poorer than at least one generation before the video game.

Of course, this is a movie that children see and hard sentences can be inappropriate or out of place. But I do not argue. Children's films do not have to work on the basis of the common denomination, and they can achieve well-being even if they are removing the main textual passages that contain only moral texts with text or graphics. Children do not need it and the evidence is pixar animation and studio Gibli, as well as some other tasks which are the needs of small people and should be challenged only if they are needed. This "top step" does not exist here Christmas Chronicles Macready has its own attraction, something little kids will not appreciate.

And that's why I initially said that when I was not joking that it was a magnetic presence of John Ruth, he was also in a light and stupid role, which makes him a film. While the highlight on the Sheriff Hunt is effective, Christmas Chronicles Earn fun and fun even when it only goes to children. His sympathy is contagious and, without any difficulty, without any difficulties, he does not appear in any scene, despite his only rival young Darby camp, he is far from far, because the actress is not offered with great moments. A nice and rhetorical sequence in prison, which is also partnering with Steve Van Zantt.

Christmas Chronicles She is still loving for everyone, but she should just enjoy a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the film releases as much as it wants, because there is no compromise on Katie's and Laborman's part to move at least a modern one or a step closer than just a bureaucratic and automatic, which has been added to a small budget for special effects. The final result is completely forgotten. Or Approximately Completely forgotten After all, there are Colonel Jack O Neill (originally, not Richard Dean Anderson) as Santa Claus and he is unlimited!

Christmas Chronicles (The Christmas Chronicles, USA – November 22, 2018)
Directed by: Clay Kaytis
Screenplay: Matt Lieberman
Plot Keywords: Curt Russell, Darby Camp, Judas Lewis, Oliver Hudson, Kimberly Williams-Piesley, Lemorn Morris, Martin Roch, Lauren Collins, Tom Kane, Steve Van Zant
Plot Keywords: 104 minutes

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