Saturday , January 23 2021

Dying woman by bus in Matsininhos, Portugal

Two dead and five wounded in the collision between two buses (Valpi and Resand) and three cars, this Monday at 7:34 am, 5d outbursts on the streets and the Astacas Welha, S. Mumde de Infesta, in Matsininhos.

Mental Victims, two women, were in a car that crushed under the velपी's car.

Three children suffered minor injuries, two adults were hospitalized in serious condition and the driver of the Walpi received mental help.

The accident happened next to a vertical track, which correctly indicates in the works, ensuring municipal civil protection, the speed limit in the zone is 20 km. Are hours / hours.

Fire Brigade Commander Gilberto Gonsalves said, "We have to be careful about car extraction." Two people are still under bus, this scenario is what we can see, it is still too early to understand the causes of the accident. "Saô Mommade de Infesta, at the time of the complex operation to remove the associated vehicles.

According to the CDS, there were 60 operational and 11 vehicles in the accident in the port.

The road to the urban area of ​​Sao Mémade de Infesta was reopened around 01h00.

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