Tuesday , February 7 2023

Ebola epidemic in eastern DRC is 181


In the last 28 October, WHO cooperated with the Ministry of Health in Dr. Kongo, with 174 deaths due to this disease. Most of the Northern Kivu and Ittiri provinces died.

De Ko Kong continues to record ebola deaths. Men aged 35 to 44 and women aged between 15 to 24 years.

On October 7, 115 people died according to statistics. On the same month, 139 on Monday and 155 weeks increased.

There are more than 250 cases

The number of people affected by the Ebola virus increased to 287. Of these, 252 have been confirmed and 35 have been identified.

This epidemic was found in Mongolia, north-kiwi, province, and Mongolia in a zone of ADF in the armory near the border with Uganda. This increased the attacks against public health and complicated the health response.

The United Nations has raised concerns that the contagion may spread to Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and the Security Council resolution in recent months. In African countries, the disease works closely with the World Health Organization.

The virus first appeared in 1976 and RDCongo was attacked by Ebola nine times. It is also widespread by physical contact with infected bodily fluids and a hemorrhagic fever.

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