Sunday , June 13 2021

Elizabeth II was the one that contradicted Charles on the 70th birthday day – the Observer

On Wednesday, when Charles's princess looked back, she celebrated her festivals and celebrations. At a family event organized to celebrate the Royal Royal House Round Date, there was a special moment for the mother of Elisabeth II, the birthday of her birthday. At the age of 92, all the participants of the party at the Buckingham Palace spoke about how distinctive they are to be their son.

Hello, according to Magazine, there was something simple when compared to other serious moments related to the British royal family, such as Isabel II.

"A mother gets a privilege to cure her son's 70th birthday," said Isabel II. "It's like living in a long time to see what's growing up, this is like a parable that everyone can understand: a wooden tree will have the ability to grow."

After celebrating his seventh birthday celebration in 1996, his mother Isabel I died in 2002. "I saw that I am about 70 years old, the birthday of a 70-year-old daughter after birthday on the birthday of a birthday.

At the end of her intervention, Isabel left her role as the maximum representative of the British royal family. He allowed his father to come from above: "I have been in Philippi and I have been in the last 70 years [seu marido] We saw a solidarity and a true leader of good father, a spokesman for Carlos art works. He is a dedicated and respected heir to the throne of any other princess in the history of any other princess. Above all, with the help of his wife Camilla, he is a very serious, emotional, and creative man. This tasting is my son's birthday wishes. You, Carlos. World princess. "

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