Monday , July 26 2021

Financial experts have warned the PS that the financial margins will remain narrow

In the discussion of the "challenges of the coming budget", integrated in PS Parliamentary Program, this was a common condition for university professors Eduardo Paz Ferreira, Vitor Escheria and Ephesians Rebello, which ended on Sunday in Portima.

Eduardo Paz Ferreira, former adviser to the current Prime Minister, Vittor Escheria and Lisbon Law School, agreed on the idea that "zero deficit" is not a virtue itself.

Eduardo Paz Ferreira also called the "salazarist" fixation of balanced public accounts, as a result, from their perspective, "poor countries with very less qualified citizens".

Three of the invited by the Parliamentary Group of PSs praised the level of stability followed by the current government, but as a result of an extraordinary event like the Italian executive's instability, Portugal warned of risks in regards to the level of interest to pay in international markets, the United Kingdom of the European Union, or the United States The momentum of trade war between China

"In the European Union, we have passed a ugly duck [em 2016] Hans, but the path will continue to narrow. In our margins of autonomy, what was always available for the best options? I do not think so, "Victor Assaria said that considering the priority of the improvements in the efficiency of the cost level, consider it a priority.

Former adviser to Antonio Costa gave a message to PS: "It's better not to go back to a macroeconomic view in four years, because it's worse than voter perspective," he said, asking the smiling among the Sociolists MPs.

Algèvre University's affidavits, Rebello, tried to deny the Finance Minister, Mario Seyton, calling him a "charming peacock".

He said that captives are good or bad according to the criteria set by them. Prisoners stopped the ban against Portugal and spent non-priority costs.

Eduardo Paz Ferreira expressed suspicion about the transfer of authorities at the budget level of the National Parliament for the European Union and described the budget treaty as "one of the greatest objectives".

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