Monday , March 20 2023

Finding Picasso's Poem Painter "Advertising Campaign"


Six years ago, Pablo Picasso's "Harlequin Head" screen was found from Kunstall Museum in Robertsdam.

These lists, consisting of two monats, a Gaugin and Matisse, have not yet been evaluated in a total of 18 million euros.

A Romanian-born Dutch writer Mira Fatty thinks he had discovered Picasso with an unknown message ten days ago.

Filmed with a picture in eastern Romania and filmed.

A Dutch television journalist Sunday evening said that Belgian Stage Directors, Vice Degrees and Bart Belle, who were present at Alvarez in Belgrade, were in the art project.

An article from the NOS indicating an assertion is part of the project submitted by the Dutch painter Gert Jan Jansen, which says that two Belgian members received a mail. , In the 1990s.

The writers' writers wrote on their website that "the idea of ​​bringing Picasso's" Harlequin Head "into the silence within the last month was" a part of this group, "centered on a riot.

Before the conversation with Faerus, see this message from the theater company Berlin saying, "This moment wants nothing to do". In the next few days, he told the directors that more information on this topic would be available.

The Romanian prosecutors ask about the authenticity of the picture in the wild.

One of the convicts in the theft case, Olga Ducuvar, had burnt the paintings in the stove to save his son. Dawoodah later turned to the statement.

The directorate of the inquiry has prepared Rumani's organized crime and terrorism to find out the exact nature of the Dutch writer's discovery.

The stolen Picasso was handed over to the Dutch embassy in Romania.

Meera Festu is an accomplished drama about the theft of 2012.

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