Wednesday , July 6 2022

Fortnote: Patch Notes 6.30, Food War


6.30 Update Fortnight The war takes long-range war moves.

The limited time-frame method for the Food War presents a new way FortnightThe player will represent the Peis Pitt or Dur Burger team to defend their own from the restaurant, tomato head and dur burger.

Two teams will be separated with a wall for a few minutes. They build structures to protect their crew before the wall falls, and the opponents can attack it. The team that fires the first opponent's symbol is fighting. Fight a real recipe.

Players will appear again in Food Warfare mode and all explosive devices will be disabled.

In the food war mode for a limited time, EP added a new sano program called "Lightning: Wolcher Championship". The developers said that these championships would be used to test the new time frames. "The separation will examine the setting of the various games: reduce the material cost, accumulate quick material, eliminate lifetime benefits," wrote Epic.

For the sake of arms, the mounted terrace finally arrived. An epic weapon that fills a trap in the player's list, like any trap in it Fortnight, Destroying it by taking the shots based on it. Any player can climb up to it after finishing it. Players can see a mounted torot of ground drums, supply deliverers, sail machines and supply lamas.

The only weapon that chipped a change was chosen, which now has 10 drops in place of opponents injury.

6.30 No weapon or material is safe in the update Fortnight.

6.30 Upgrade the Hang-Glide Reinstall feature again in default mode. Players will fall from large heights and can not now activate their glowing glide, that is, the damage and the height of the structure will come back. Continuous slots like portfolios and portable slot items are only items that allow players to rejuvenate their glide. Players can make the balloons slower or go down, but they do not activate their HD glider.

The mandatory height for installing the hang glider has risen to 35 meters from 15.5 meters, which means that the players will take a few minutes to use it.

Developer Fortnight, The APC Games has made many improvements to improve performance, audio and gameplay, where bug fixes and the first island prior to the competition contain more button options to display and control the number of damages. Mobile version of Fortnight Too many changes were made.

You can read the entire patch notes on the epic website.

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