Tuesday , January 31 2023

Google brings Snapchat filters to your Android messaging app


The Android Messaging app has got a lot of attention from American Tech, Google. Incidentally, we have implemented the RCs standard in your service. Now on the way to this SMS Messaging app, there are new filters like Snapchat.

What is this that will start using this solution from the Mountain View Giant?

Google Slideshows in Android Posts

Effectively, this is what we have in Google App Instagram. In fact, something that was initially available only in Snapechat and, as you will remember, was followed in the field of Facebook group's services. Now the search engine giant will bring these same filters.

Instagram from Snapchat and now on Android Messaging

With its latest implementation, we have the "filters" option, which is already inside the camera included in the messages app. By the way, this same button will appear next to the option of taking a photo or recording a new video. However, the available effects are not very diverse.

In fact, we have fireworks, some balloons for videos, as well as some colorful papers. For all those purposes and purposes, there is a beginning of the new aspect of service. This time, more aesthetic implementation when previous people are fully functional. For the purpose, see an example in the video:

These effects can be very complex with three-dimensional elements. For example, for example, angels, airplanes and balloons are also effective. All of this will make the Google app more social and will be determined by the success of the same function in the Instagram, they can put a good faith.

Google has still verified this implementation

This facility was detected by the ExDa Developers Portal team, it tried various filters on the video. All these materials appear to be already stable and their functionality is obviously guaranteed, now we have to wait a bit for its general availability.

Currently, the feature is only available in the beta (beta) version of the app. However, we expect the review period to be completed soon. From there, you can start taking advantage of this snapchat-induced filters, however, based on the assumption that you will be interested in these influences and filters.

After all, according to the Twitter user, the same filters are also coming to Google's Keyboard application, Gboard. As expected, it is expected that its implementations will be in one place when it reaches the message application in the stable version.

Do you usually use this Google app in your day?

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